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Allison Massari’s career as a visionary entrepreneur began with her artwork. For over 25 years, she focused her creativity, passion, and business sense on building a thriving art business, Massari Fine Arts, LLC, where she achieved international recognition. Among her accolades were commissions she negotiated to create works of art for Fortune 500 companies including Lockheed Martin, General Mills and US Airways.

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“…We are in the presence of an accomplished, self-confident and well-defined artist.”

Michael Milkovich, Director Emeritus of  the Museum of Fine Arts, St. Petersburg, FL
Museum of Fine Arts


Allison Massari’s Work Hangs in the Permanent Collection of the St. Petersburg Museum of Fine Arts

 The Healer” – A Paper Painting by Allison Massari  – © 2008 Allison Massari

Allison Massari - The Healer
Artist statement
I always start with the eyes. I look into the mirror and paint my eyes. The point is to anchor the artwork in something that is true – something that is deep, and human, and real, so that the rest of the work can unfold from this unguarded moment. My intent is not necessarily to create a likeness – The figure that emerges here is a different person. The eyes are a doorway. As I made “The Healer”, I could feel the figure emerge from the environment and simultaneously melt back into it. She could not exist without the world around her, and the world would not be the same without her presence. Her totality, her readiness to give, envelops us and awakens us to something deep within.



“Allison Massari’s ‘The Healer’ is powerful. It conveys a sense of deep humanity and spirituality. It is very much loved by our public and it speaks deeply. Allison’s skills and quality as an artist are exceptional and her story is amazing.”

Kent Lydecker
Museum of Fine Arts, St. Petersburg, FL




 Massari’s Sculpture Series: A female torso with hot rod flames.

Allison Massari - Sculpture Allison Massari - Sculpture Allison Massari - Sculpture

“Transformed” Series #1

Sculpture 2010

Fiberglass & Autobody Paint

Allison Massari - Sculpture Allison Massari - Sculpture


“If this was the last work of art I could ever create I would be satisfied. This series represents the ultimate symbol for what is possible for each of us in life; that we can take something tragic and turn it into something elegant, empowering, beautiful.”

Allison Massari

Allison Massari - Sculpture



“Massari is an immensely talented artist…I’m a longtime admirer of her prodigious gifts.”

Lennie Bennett, Times Art Critic, St. Petersburg, FL



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For over 25 years Massari Fine Arts LLC has been selling and placing Allison Massari’s work internationally to Fortune 500 clients, collectors and museums.

Featured Artwork

“Nice Leg”
Text sculpture covered in compliments
By Allison Massari




Art Bio

“The Place Where Tears Don’t Fall” – Acrylic on Paper, © Allison Massari
Allison Massari’s powerful, intimate, and boldly imagined artwork beckons the viewer – sometimes playfully, sometimes intensely- always with a poignancy that deeply touches the heart. The vulnerability and honesty expressed in her self portraits, the energy and life that flow through her collages, and the unflinching strength and intelligence that can be found in all of her work show Massari’s commitment to exposing herself in order to find the common thread that connects us as humans.

Primarily a painter, Massari uses “whatever is necessary” to bring her work to life – an interdisciplinary mixture of painting, printmaking, sculpture, photography and collage. Largely known for her self-portraits and her portrayal of the female figure, Massari offers, “I’ve always been deeply interested in understanding people – and I’m fascinated with the human experience. The self-portrait is the most meaningful and poignant pathway for me to reach a vulnerability and an honesty to express myself, and to connect to universal emotions of the human condition.”

After receiving her BFA from Rhode Island School of Design, Massari went on to receive an integrated masters degree by combining MFA programs from Parsons School of Design in painting, and the School of Visual Arts in illustration in New York City. Throughout the country, museum exhibitions and private art collectors have embraced Massari’s work. Her collage work is in the permanent collection of the Museum of Fine Arts in St. Petersburg, FL. Her art has earned prestigious honors including awards and exhibits in the Tampa Museum of Art, St. Petersburg’s Museum of Fine Arts, and the National Arts Club Gallery of New York City. She has received two Artist-in-Residence Awards from Anderson Ranch Art Center, and was also named Helena Rubenstein Scholar. Commissioned paintings from numerous corporations include Lockheed Martin, US Airways, AAA Motor Club & General Mills.

In 1998, Massari nearly lost her life in a fiery car accident, which has greatly influenced her life and her work. She views the accident as a tremendous gift, allowing her to find her strength, take charge of her beliefs, and live life by her own rules. She arose from the experience – literally a phoenix from the flames. Today, she travels the world speaking and sharing her message.

The same year of her accident, Massari founded a camp for young teen burn survivors, “The Roger Pepper Adventure Camps” in Crested Butte, CO. Roger Pepper was the brave man who pulled Massari from her car, saving her life and risking his own.

Currently, Massari lives in California where she is consistently creating artwork and living life with excitement, passion, and vigor. Her artwork, her work as a coach and speaker, and her life, are a testimony to the opportunities that life gives us, if we are open to receive its gifts.


“Choose kindness. The world needs your kindness.”—Allison Massari

Art Resume

  • School of Visual Arts MFA, Illustration. NYC. 1993.
  • Parsons School of Design Fall Term – MFA Painting Program. NYC. 1991.
  • Rhode Island School of Design BFA. Providence, RI. 1988.
  • Chateau De LaNapoule Drawing/Painting Scholarship. France. 1987.
  • Fine Arts Academy of Brugge, Belgium Painting. 1987.
  • Vanderbilt University Liberal Arts. Nashville, TN. 1983-1985.
  • Museum of Fine Arts. St. Petersburg, FL.
  • Lockheed-Martin. Orlando, FL.
  • US Airways, Inc. Palm Beach, FL.
  • General Mills Corporate Headquarters. Orlando, FL.
  • AAA Motor Club Corporate Headquarters. Orlando, FL.
  • Barnett Bank. Orlando, FL.
  • Foley and Lardner Law Firm. Orlando, FL.
  • Derby Lane. St. Petersburg, FL.
  • Orlando Board of Education. Orlando, FL
  • The Vatican Art Collection Vatican City
  • Mr. & Mrs. Dan Armour Wilson, WY.
  • Mr. and Mrs. James MacDougald St. Petersburg, FL.
  • Ms. Harriet Silverman Washington, DC.
  • Dr. Sylvia Carra Tampa, FL.
  • Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth W. Corba Chicago, IL.
  • Mr. and Mrs. William P. Vareika Newport, RI.
  • Mr. and Mrs. Blaire Cullpepper Winter Park, FL.
  • Mr. and Mrs. Arkady Goshinsky New York City, NY.
  • Ms. Elizabeth Vincent Scottsdale, AZ.
  • Mr. & Mrs. Vance Arnett Saftey Harbor, FL.
  • Mr. & Mrs. William Mitchell Austin, TX.
  • Ms. Carol Upham St. Petersburg Beach, FL
Honors and Awards
  • Museum of Fine Arts, St. Petersburg. “Conversations with the Artist, Allison Massari”. Art in Bloom Event, March 2, 2012.
  • St. Petersburg Museum of Fine Arts Stuart Society – Private Event with Allison Massari. At the home of Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Dyer.
  • A talk by the artist and private art show. February 2, 2012.
  • Business Catalyst Radio 1/25/2012
  • WHCR 90.3 FM Radio NYC. Interview with Rick Young, “Motivational Radio”, 12/16/2011
  • WHPC 90.3 FM Radio NYC Interview with Bill Horan on his show, “Secrets of Success”, 1/12/2011
  • CKFM 96.5 FM Radio Alberta, Canada—“Body N’ Soul Wellness Show” with Teresa Kabatoff 12/12/2010
  • BBS Radio, The Donna Seebo Show, 12/10/2010
  • NBC News South Bend, Indiana. 12/2/2010
  • Lite 104.7 FM Radio NYC—The Bob Cudmore Morning Show, 11/12/2010
  • KWMR Radio Interview on 90.5 FM . Susannah Baldwin interviews Allison Massari on “Parent Talk”.
  • Marin County, California. 5/18/09
  • New York Social Diary. NYC, 6/09
  • Artist-in-Residence. Anderson Ranch Art Center. 6 month award. 10/03 – 4/04. Snowmass, CO.
  • St. Petersburg Museum of Fine Arts. Second Place Award – All Mediums. The 2nd Annual Fairly Lillith Celebration of
  • Woman in the Arts. Awarded 2nd Place. St. Petersburg, FL. May-June 2001.
  • KAJX Radio Interview. “Jim Baker Interviews Allison Massari”. Artist Series. Aspen, CO. April 14th, 2004
  • St. Petersburg Museum of Fine Arts Dinner with Allison Massari. At the home of Mr. and Mrs. James Hascall.
  • Stuart Society Dinner with the artist and private solo show. 2001.
  • Tampa Review University of Tampa Publication. #19 Fall/Winter Issue, 2000.
  • German Radio show interview with Klaus Schilling. Featured guest interviewed about artwork and inspirational
  • life stories. November, 2000.
  • Soble Purchase Award 1998 Art Festival Beth-El. St. Petersburg, FL.
  • Smart Choices Grant FL State/City Grant. St. Petersburg, FL. 1997.
  • Helena Rubenstein Scholar Parsons School of Design. NYC, 1991.
  • Henry Clews Foundation Grant LaNapoule, France. 1987.
  • Florida National Honors Society Art Exhibit, “Best of Show” Tallahassee, FL. 1983.
  • Studio Assistant to Ruth Kligman. Former studio of Jackson Pollack. NYC, 1995.
  • Positively Parenting. Article published, “The Power of Belief”, 12/10/2010
  • Family Circle Magazine. April 2, 2002
  • Tampa Review University of Tampa Publication. #19 Fall/Winter Issue, 2000.
  • Rhode Island School of Design Guest Lecturer. November, 1996.
  • Rhode Island School of Design Continuing Education Teaching Assistant-Drawing. Fall, 1988.
  • The St. Petersburg Center for the Arts Advanced Watercolor, Oil, Drawing.
  • St. Petersburg, FL. 1997-1998.
  • Florida Gulf Coast Art Center Belleair, FL. 1998.
Museum Exhibitions
  • St. Petersburg Museum Of Fine Arts. The 2nd Annual Fairly Lillith Celebration of Woman in the Arts.
  • Awarded 2nd Place. St. Petersburg, FL. May-June 2001.
  • Tampa Museum. “Undercurrent Overview II” Tampa, FL. June – July, 1998.
Solo Exhibitions
  • Morean Arts Center. St. Petersburg, FL. “Pyrotechnic Luminescence”. October, 2009.
  • Interior Motives Gallery. St. Petersburg, FL. May, 2009.
  • Winfield Gallery. Carmel, CA. February-March, 2009.
  • Tiburon Heritage & Arts Commission. Tiburon, CA. May-June, 2008.
  • Dyer Gallery St. Petersburg, FL. 2007
  • Ambiance Gallery “I’ll Tell You A Secret”. St. Petersburg, FL. November – December, 2000.
  • Dyer Gallery Feather Sound, FL. 1998
  • Zodiac Group/Salvador Dali Museum “Apropos”. St. Petersburg, FL. December, 1997.
  • Tavern on the Green Annual Fund-raiser for RCIP. New York City. May, 1995.
  • UBU Repertory Theater Gallery Off Broadway. “The Cage”. NYC. March-April, 1995.
  • Gallery 401 Jewish Community Center Art Gallery. Providence, RI. 1989.
Group Exhibitions
  • Anderson Ranch Art Center Snowmass, CO. August, 2008
  • Mina Dresden Gallery San Francisco, CA. June, 2008
  • Oxbow Napa, CA. June, 2007
  • Chico Paper CO Gallery Chico, CA. 2006
  • AAF Contemporary Art Fair NYC 2005.
  • Kingdon Alan Gallery St. Petersburg, FL. 2004.
  • Anderson Ranch Art Center Snowmass, CO. April, 2004
  • Anderson Ranch Art Center Snowmass, CO. December, 2003.
  • Art Festival Beth-El St. Petersburg, FL. 1998,2001,2002,2003,2004.
  • The Von Liebig Art Center Naples Art Association. “Refiguring the 90s”. Naples, FL.
  • October – December, 1999.
  • Dragonfly Gallery Martha’s Vineyard, MA. June, 1998.
  • Gallery 421 “Chakras”. Fort Lauderdale, FL. April – May, 1998.
  • Cervenka – McLaughlin Gallery Gulfport, FL. April, 1998.
  • Salt Creek Art Gallery “Art Attack”. St. Petersburg, FL. October, 1997.
  • Sarasota Visual Arts Center Sarasota, FL. September – October, 1997.
  • MMC Gallery “Marvelous”. NYC, November-December, 1995.
  • SVA Gallery NYC May-June, 1993.
  • N.Y.C. Art Director’s Club. September, 1992.
  • Gallery 1792 Winter Park, FL. January-February, 1991.
  • Bennett Gallery “Art’s Future”. Orlando, FL. April, 1990.
  • Wood’s Gerry Gallery “The Indignant Eye”. Providence, RI. January, 1989.
  • National Art’s Club, NYC 89th Annual National Watercolor Exhibition. NYC. May, 1988.
Performance Art
  • Currican Theater Writer, Director, Performer in “Live Self-Portraits”. NYC. June, 1995.
  • Founder of the “Roger Pepper Adventure Camps” for teen burn survivors.

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