Allison Massari Named 2017 Top25 Speaker

  Over 27,000 votes were cast and Allison Massari has been honored as a 2017 Top25 Speaker alongside Lisa Ling, Brene Brown, Anderson Cooper, Suzie Orman and more.    

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Grateful to my Hero, on this Veterans Day

Today I am celebrating Veterans Day and my heart is full. It was a Vietnam veteran named Roger Pepper who saved my life, pulling me from this burning car in 1998. I was trapped inside and he ran into the fiery scene. I remember the very moment we caught eyes when I was inside, so ... Read More


Three Ideas to Help your Wellbeing

Life often pulls us in so many directions. When you feel mired down from stress or overwhelm, here are three ideas that can help with your sense of wellbeing: 1) We can never underestimate the impact our kindness can have on a stranger. We can have no idea how we may be helping someone who is ... Read More


Cleveland Clinic Video Clip of my Keynote

  I have a soft spot for the wonderful people at the Cleveland Clinic. And I am still smiling from the honor of speaking for them at the Patient Experience Summit this year.   Today I saw this clip from my keynote that was posted online. Please feel free to watch! Click Here.   To learn more about my ... Read More


Techniques You Can Employ When Dealing With Difficult Clients or Coworkers

Often I am asked about how to successfully handle difficult people. Every situation is so unique and may require a radically different approach. As a default, it is always good to start by assuming that you may be wrong about everything you think you know about the person and the situation. This brings a fresh, ... Read More


Speaker for Norton Healthcare at “Go Confidently”

Speaking for Norton Healthcare was truly special. I had the privilege of delivering the keynote at "Go Confidently" which is a free event generously provided to the community by Norton Healthcare. It was a first-class event and done with so much love! To get a peak click here. And to read the follow up article you ... Read More


You Are a Healer

Many people are silently hurting, keeping up appearances. When you see a stranger today, you can go to your heart, and quietly wish them happiness. When we walk in the world with the intention of loving kindness for one another, we each become beacons of healing in this world. Your awareness and caring affects your environment ... Read More


Cleveland Clinic Keynote Speaker 2016

  This was an unforgettable day for me. Thank you dearly to the Cleveland Clinic for the huge honor of delivering the keynote for your "Patient Experience Summit". From the first call with Dr. Adrienne Boissy to the humble exceptional people in the audience that I had the incredible pleasure of meeting afterwards, I am still ... Read More


The Ultimate of What Love Looks Like in Healthcare

  Wow. This image says it all. In China, several doctors bow to an 11-year-old young boy diagnosed with terminal brain cancer who managed to save the lives of several others by donating his organs shortly after he passed away. This is the ultimate of what love can look like in healthcare. There are countless people ... Read More


Allison Massari Named 2016 Top25 Speaker

  We have exciting news! 25,000 votes were cast and Allison Massari has been named one of the Top 2016 Speakers.   Click here to see the full list.

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