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Coaching for Speakers

  • • Learn the fast-track to building a speaking career.
  • • Learn from NSA’s “#1 Rising Star” how to develop powerful and authentic presentation skills.
  • • Learn the art of speaking from the heart and truly connecting to your audience.
  • • Learn how to develop a dynamic keynote speech.
  • • Identify your unique message and develop your content in a sellable package.
  • • Develop marketing materials for your target audience.
  • • Create a one-sheet that will sell you as a speaker.
  • • Learn from an international TEDx speaker the secrets to writing a popular TED talk.


“I immerse myself in each client’s materials and in who they are to create a real partnership; to solve the puzzle of determining their mission, and how to get it out effectively. There are precise steps to take to accelerate your speaking career. I will walk you through it.”—Allison Massari


We are so sorry, but at this time there is a waiting list to work with Allison Massari on building a speaking business. Please contact her to be added to the waiting list: allison@allisonmassari.com



She has been unrelenting in her kindness, support, and commitment to my success…
“Allison Massari has helped me with my speaking in so many ways. From her expert advice about how to go about creating a career as a speaker, to her coaching tips about how to compose a speech, her guidance has been impeccable. She has been unrelenting in her kindness, support, and commitment to my success. It’s as if she takes it personally that I will succeed. I feel so fortunate to have her guidance.”

img_8525-edit 1Shiroko Sokitch, MD
Heart to Heart Medical Center
Santa Rosa, CA






“When we opened the TEDxZaragoza conference with Allison, it was like dropping a bomb.”
“Her work is so thorough, so careful. Every sentence, every comma, every pause, the pronunciation of every word, are doubly, triply checked and pondered. It is plainly counterintuitive that the result is so incredibly emotional despite this infinite attention to detail. Yet it is. When we opened the TEDxZaragoza conference with Allison, it was like dropping a bomb. As I later said to her, “It is a great power to be able to make people laugh and cry in only 18 minutes”. How does she do it? My guess is that one of the secret ingredients is to tell exactly what you think, to show what you feel… to actually feel it on stage! It is very different from the careful work of an actress, who strives to convince that she feels something which is not there. Allison’s only aim is to accurately and intensely communicate what she actually feels… and the laughs and the tears in the audience confirm that she achieves it remarkably.”

Pablo Echinique
TEDxZaragoza Co-Organizer
Scientific researcher at the Spanish National Research Council
Zaragoza, Spain


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