Allison Massari - TedX“For high levels of achievement in anything, we have to be willing to look inward. The path to success and happiness requires rigorous commitment, and compassion for the parts of us that feel lost or stuck. There is no short-cut, but the results are worth it. I am deeply dedicated to bringing my clients to total aliveness, and I’m completely invested in their professional, financial, and personal success. Together, we find the tools they need to live their lives with confidence and purpose.”—Allison Massari

Bring Allison on your Team – Get Results


“Extraordinary… My life will forever be impacted by working with Allison.”

Sarah H., Senior Director U.S. Operations
Global Pharmaceutical Company
Ranked 119 on the Fortune 500


Allison Massari’s bold work as a coach has made her a trusted confidante to C-Level executives, entrepreneurs, international speakers, and leaders alike. With the diversity of her entrepreneurial experience, her abundant creativity, and her unflagging desire to help people succeed, Allison gives each client the totality of her focus, know-how, and encouragement. She combines realistic goals and ‘how-to’s’ with innovative concepts, supporting people to access and expand their expertise. Her clients receive applicable tools to remove blocks to success, unearth and stoke their passion, and move forward in any direction with greater clarity, confidence, tenacity, and hope.


Allison Offers Unparalleled Benefits:

  1. Executive Coaching: Excel in your field. Advance your expertise and presentation skills. Successfully navigate challenging work relationships.
  2. C-Level Coaching: Master the art of communication with senior management and employees. Have a confidante.
  3. Group Coaching in Business: Learn together.
  4. Personal Development Coaching: Boost your passion. Live a life that lights you up.


Getting Started: Each of us can excel much faster when we have someone who is intricately connected and invested in our well-being. If you are interested in working with me, I will provide a complimentary 20 minute phone call to let you know how I work so that you can see if what I do will serve your needs.

I love this work… And I look forward to the opportunity to work with you!
* Currently Allison has a waiting list for new coaching clients. If you would like to be on this list please contact our office at: CS[at]


“When we choose compassion for ourselves and others, when we believe in the possibility of joy, and when we have faith in our ability to overcome challenges, we are activating transformation on the deepest levels. The courage to consistently choose these things – to ultimately choose love – is the foundation of living a full life.”—Allison Massari


Allison is a gift. If you’ve ever met her, you’ll feel the power of her presence. She’s so open, real, and her light shines continuously.
“For me, her coaching has been honest, supportive, and intuitive. Whether she’s helping me with my business, my public speaking events, or my personal life, she emulates a deep knowing and the ability to communicate it. She’s had a life of tragic and remarkable experiences that make me feel safe to rely on her guidance. Allison is strong… she is invested… she’ll tell you what she is feeling, what she knows, and give you the truth you’re looking for. Allison believes in focusing on what is real, beautiful, and possible. She truly wants the best for people, and can give you the tools to take you through life. So many of her clients, friends, and followers have found a safe place to grow with her support.”

Laura Prince McGee
Good Mourning
San Francisco, CA




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