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She has been unrelenting in her kindness, support, and commitment to my success…
“Allison Massari has helped me in so many ways. From her expert advice about how to go about creating a career as a speaker, to her coaching tips about how to compose a speech, her guidance has been impeccable. She has been unrelenting in her kindness, support, and commitment to my success. It’s as if she takes it personally that I will succeed. I feel so fortunate to have her guidance.”

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Shiroko Sokitch, MD
Heart to Heart Medical Center
Santa Rosa, CA

  • • Function at your highest levels.
  • • Own your market: Maximize your reputation, image and market presence.
  • • Learn the art of communicating and engaging clients effectively.
  • • Learn how to be peaceful and proactive in the face of challenges.
  • • Identify and remove the blocks you have to your success.
  • • Find your “Yes” to life. Eradicate the experience of fear getting in the way.
  • • Master your emotions.
  • • Move faster towards your goals by having Allison intricately connected and invested in your well being.
  • • Implement creative marketing strategies that will dramatically expand your business.
  • • Find clear lines of focus that are effective.
  • • Have solid abilities to respond successfully to difficult people and challenging circumstances.
  • • Develop world-class speaking skills to increase sales.
  • • Learn the art of charisma and capture the heart of your market.
  • • Learn how to work a room and network powerfully with ease.
  • • Find out the steps to developing true confidence in yourself and your business.
  • • Identify your passion and purpose with more clarity.
  • • Feel supported as you get unstuck in areas where you feel frustrated.
  • • Move out of inertia and create dramatic change in an instant.
  • • And so much more…


“For high levels of achievement in anything, we have to be willing to look inward.  The path to success and happiness requires rigorous commitment, and compassion for the parts of us that feel lost or stuck.  There is no short-cut, but the results are worth it.  I am deeply dedicated to bringing my clients to total aliveness, and I’m completely invested in their professional, financial, and personal success.  Together, we find the tools they need to live their lives with confidence and purpose.”—Allison Massari


We are so sorry, but at this time there is a waiting list to work with Allison Massari for this type of extended coaching work. Please contact her to be added to the waiting list:



“I have been working with Allison Massari for three years and the results have been astounding…She is so versatile and consistently amazes me with her wide range of expertise”—C.C., Writer – Boston, MA

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