Watch Allison Massari in the award-winning international documentary film “ReSolve” — teaching solutions for overcoming adversity and post-traumatic stress.


Ten people were asked to be in this movie:

  • Scott Neil — Head of Special Forces for the US Military in Afghanistan
  • Allison Massari — Keynote Speaker, Executive Coach, Artist
  • Oz Sanchez— Gold medalist in the Beijing Paralympics
  • Lucia Rijker — World Champion kick boxer
  • Shannon Hartnett — Strongest woman in the world
  • And more…


This feature-length film has generously been offered for free to the public. Click Here to watch.






Teasers Below:

Every act of kindness counts | 2 minutes

The first phase of healing | 1.5 minutes

Support, love & compassion | 1 minute

Releasing emotions | 2 minutes

Perseverance | 1 minute

A compassion for unkindness | 2 minutes

The power of love | 1 minute

Identity, purpose & dreams | 1 minute


Please note: These next videos below apply to discussions you would have with people in the later more advanced stages of healing and recovery. The subject matter is not intended for someone in an acute phase of dealing with trauma. 

The process of forgiveness | 1.5 minutes

The power of engaging your physical body | 1 minute

Move forward with your purpose | 1 minute

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