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Allison was voted on the “Best Keynote Speakers” List by M&C Magazine


Inspirational/Motivational Speaking Demo Video

According to the Harvard Business Review there is astonishing scientific data showing that self-mastery and mastering one’s emotions is directly linked to the bottom line of your business. Allison Massari teaches these skills. She will inspire your audience… and deliver a message that will allow your people to walk away equipped and more confident to face challenges.


Meet Allison: From from the Documentary Film “Resolve”


Determination and Guts 2014 Clips | 3 minutes


MDRT Main Platform 2013 Excerpts | 6.5 minutes

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The Decision for Unconditional Happiness 2014 Clips | 1.5 minutes


Understanding Difficult People 2014 Clips | 7.5 minutes


For Healthcare Groups Only: Customized for Technologists | 6 minutes


For Healthcare Groups Only: Promo Video | 7 minutes


Cleveland Clinic | 1 minute


For Healthcare Groups Only: 2014 Clips | 8 minutes


NSA Convention 2011 | 8 minutes


General: An introduction to Allison | 3.5 minute




Allison Massari Speaking

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