Your new life can happen faster than you can imagine…

Your new life can happen faster than you can imagine…

Live a Life the Lights You Up

This audio book is a must-have if you have faced adversity in your life.

You will refer to it again and again – Especially CD #4.

“You are not alone. Everyone has obstacles to overcome. And they sometimes seem insurmountable… I found secrets. You get the shortcuts.”

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Transform Your Life at Every Level

Packed with incredible skills for successfully understanding and moving through life’s difficulties.

From international keynote speaker and acclaimed visual artist Allison Massari, a profound and life-changing program that provides listeners tools to achieve self-mastery, a peaceful heart, and excitement for embracing life.

As the survivor of two devastating car accidents, one where she was severely burned, conscious the entire time, and suffered second and third degree burns on over 50% of her body, Allison knows what it takes to heal. With authenticity and compassion, she precisely explains her journey and how she used suffering to shift to higher levels of awareness and ultimately into a more peaceful and grounded life.

Recognized for her soothing voice and extraordinary storytelling, Allison takes listeners on a journey in this compelling 6 CD audio book. She shows how love is the spark that ignites the ordinary and the difficult – and propels it into the miraculous.

As Allison states: “Your new life can happen faster than you can imagine. It’s about resiliency. It’s about determination and courage. Getting a little feisty never hurt anyone. You can lead your life. Transformation is possible. Even in the most difficult of circumstances, beautiful things can unfold. This is real. If I can do it – you can too. I will show you the intricacies of how to understand and unravel the complexities of challenges, difficult people, self-doubt, and even loss of hope – and then to go beyond it all to uncover the gifts awaiting you…Because, believe me, there are gifts awaiting you.”


  • Techniques on moving out of anxiety and worry – discover an inner calm.
  • Learn to manage feelings of betrayal with compassion, love and forgiveness.
  • Experience a new mindset to overcome adversity and everyday challenges in life.
  • Guidelines to create against-all-odds positive outcomes.
  • Two rules for releasing anger.
  • Tools to successfully deal with a difficult person.
  • Find out, “Does everything happen for a reason”?
  • What to say, and what not to say, to someone who is suffering—Why using clichés is not a good idea.
  • And so much more…

Beyond all the practical steps, disciplines, exercises, and taking action, there is a secret ingredient to transformation—it’s the heart. The heart is the catalyst that propels us forward exponentially faster. If that is the only thing you take with you from all I have said, you will be holding one of the greatest secrets to your life.
— Allison Massari

Book signing in Toronto, Canada after the OHA Keynote.

Book signing in Toronto, Canada after the OHA Keynote.


“Just Wow. To be honest, I’m usually pretty skeptical and critical when it comes to motivational speakers, life coaches, and spiritual guides. I’m not sure which category I’d put Allison Massari in, but this CD set was one of the most unbelievably inspirational stories I’ve ever heard. I even found myself sitting in my parked car, avoiding errands and almost running late for work because I didn’t want to stop listening to Allison. There’s not a person in the world who wouldn’t benefit from listening to Ignited. It’s still in my CD player.”

Josh Gronner
Everyone Can Music School
Corte Madera, CA

 This product is fully endorsed by master of chinese medicine and physician Dr. Shiroko Sokitch

“This is one of the most empowering healing stories I’ve ever heard. I was impacted on every level as I listened. She is so loving and inspirational. She transforms incredibly painful experiences into love and healing. Everyone should listen to it.”

Dr. Shiroko Sokitch
Heart to Heart Medical Center
Novato, CA

“This is the most genuine expression of creative generosity I have ever seen presented in such an accessible way. It is just this kind of generosity that will give us all the perspective to appreciate the multitude of miracles that make up our very existence.” 

Yaan Gulledge
Marin, C

“Allison Massari’s contribution is enormous… imagine realizing negativity within your mind — at any moment — and not only being able to simply “hit the delete button”, but fill the newly formed void with an entirely positive and uniquely peaceful feeling.  Now you get to take that feeling and send it out, changing your relationship to everyone and everything immediately.  Allison gives us this very human possibility through sharing her deep wisdom gained in a lifetime of almost superhuman experiences.  Don’t miss hearing Allison unless you’d rather miss an opportunity of a lifetime.”

Jy Gronner
Owner, The Piano Studio
Corte Madera, CA

“I love this wonderful offering from Allison. One of the most profound stories and invitation to heal on the market today. Your miracle is awaiting you. Listen Now!” 

Camille Copeland
Spiritual Teacher
Princeville, HI

I bought it and loved it! I laughed, I cried… I felt a sense of hope like never before. Your words are such a part of me everyday. You are carrying such a powerful message! Thank you for sharing!

Sara Lahey
Corte Madera, CA

“Thank you for changing my life.  I can’t express the degree in which your words inspire my heart to grow.  I am in awe of you!  I want to give this cd set to everyone in my life… Everyone should hear it!!”

Carine Camara
Novato, CA

“I’m loving this gentle and inspiring story and message.”

Roger Terrill
San Jose, CA

“Allison’s CDs helped me realize that being a compassionate presence in another person’s suffering makes a greater difference than finding answers to the tough questions or all the comforting words you could say. Thank you Allison.”

Rachel Williams
St. Petersburg, FL

“As soon as I heard the first CD, I had to keep on listening to all 6.  I was fascinated and inspired. Thank you, Allison, for sharing your story.  Thank you for the courageous and loving choices you made.  Thank you for being a model of possibility on the planet!”

Judee Ann Pouncey
Independent Distributor
Polaris Media Group
Tallahassee, FL

“I met Allison a couple years ago…and found her to be a generous and kind soul… I was so moved by her audio gift. I highly recommend listening to it. What an inspiration and a true testament to the power of the mind. . . and play in our lives. Thank you, Allison.
I believe in the power of networking and I want her inspirational teaching/coaching work to be known by as many people as I have access to. She’s most definitely making a difference in this world.”

Dana Herrick
Owner, Dana Kay Design
Sausalito, CA

“The message and the stories Allison shares are so inspiring and so real that I was moved to tears and powerfully reminded of the tools we have available to move ourselves forward through any adversity. Thank you Allison for sharing yourself so deeply and for giving this gift to the world.”

Karen Hensley
Novato, CA

“Allison finds beauty and magic not only in art and images, but in the every day reality of life. Her courage and dedication to herself and to the world have pushed her to uncover the secrets of being human, in the most beautiful and in the darkest places. She finds light where there seems to be none; she highlights the perfection and divinity of every event or situation. She teaches people of all ages how to really ‘deal with life” courageously AND serenely, in the good AND in the bad moments – skill that isn’t taught in public schools of any country.”

Marie Thouin
Novato, CA


IGNITED: Learn the Secrets of Transformation from an Artist, Burned Alive, Who Went on to Create a Life She Never Dreamed Possible