Praise for Allison Massari

“She is, without question, one of the most delightful presenters and personalities we have ever hired. “
“If you are looking for someone with a compelling message of hope, of tenacity and of grace, it is my pleasure to unhesitatingly recommend Allison Massari. She is, without question, one of the most delightful presenters and personalities we have ever hired. She is engaging. She is sincere. She is kind. And she is so easy to work with. My promise: if you bring Allison to your event, you not only will be pleased with the content, you will enjoy the experience every step of the way. ”

Rick Long
Petroleum Equipment Institute
General Manager – Associate General Counsel
PEI Journal Editor in Chief


“I can honestly say that after 20+ events in the last 8 years we have never had such a positive reaction from our attendees. Allison has an incredibly intelligent and artistic way of presenting her emotional story.  From the moment she said hello, she had the undivided attention of everyone in the room.”
“Her delivery was exceptional and unlike any I’ve seen before, as she has an amazing ability to appeal to the audience’s multiple senses and emotions.  Would we hire Allison again?  Absolutely!  But I think we’ll have a very hard time finding availability based on the reaction of the meeting planners in our audience that wanted to book her for their upcoming events.”

Kelly Foy
Elite Meetings International, Inc.


“This gal has a message everyone needs to hear! She’s a MUST SEE! : ) Don’t walk, run to her next presentation!”

Brian Garver
VP, Sales and Marketing
KeyBridge Medical Revenue Care


“My job enables me to see world class speakers quite frequently.  Truly, I have never been as moved by a story as I was by yours.”
“Allison, your incredible message of kindness, forgiveness and love was truly delightful and something I think of frequently.  You have a heart of gold, and the authenticity with which you convey your message is beautiful.  My job enables me to see world class speakers quite frequently.  Truly, I have never been as moved by a story as I was by yours.  I feel blessed to have been able to hear you and I am GRATEFUL that you decided to share your story.  I can’t wait to see you again!  Thank you.”

Jennie Pauling
Senior Relationship Manager and Vice President
Wells Fargo Asset Management


“As Executive Director I give very few guarantees—I guarantee that you will love Allison Massari.”
“After I had hung up the phone with Allison I was still hanging onto the phone as if I wanted to hold on to her, because that is the way you feel about Allison when you brush up against her. I can tell you that she is just aglow. She is magnificent.”

Katee Tully
Executive Director
The Morean
St. Petersburg, FL


“…the three-minute standing ovation…”
“What’s the lesson? Plain and simple—it’s the little moments in life that have the greatest impact and you never know what little moment is going to change the world, so you better be prepared for it. …If you had been at Centricity LIVE, you could have seen the three-minute standing ovation that Allison got after her talk yesterday. And you could have seen the customer who came up to me, hugged me, and thanked me for bringing Allison to Centricity LIVE, telling me that Allison’s speech ‘has changed my outlook on life.’ …”

Justin Steinman
Vice President and General Manager
GE Healthcare IT


“In a word, astounding! One of the most memorable and impactful keynotes in CIO Forum history.”

Keith Fraidenburg
Vice President, Education & Communications
CHIME/HIMMS Conference


“When we opened the TEDxZaragoza conference with Allison, it was like dropping a bomb… Her work is so thorough, so careful. Every sentence, every comma, every pause, the pronunciation of every word, are doubly, triply checked and pondered. It is plainly counterintuitive that the result is so incredibly emotional despite this infinite attention to detail. Yet it is. As I later said to her, “It is a great power to be able to make people laugh and cry in only 18 minutes. How does she do it? My guess is that one of the secret ingredients is to tell exactly what you think, to show what you feel… to actually feel it on stage! It is very different from the careful work of an actress, who strives to convince that she feels something which is not there. Allison’s only aim is to accurately and intensely communicate what she actually feels… and the laughs and the tears in the audience confirm that she achieves it remarkably.”

Pablo Echinique
TEDxZaragoza Co-Organizer
Scientific researcher at the Spanish National Research Council
Zaragoza, Spain