Burn Survivor, TEDx Speaker, Executive Coach, Celebrated Artist

Content covered in Allison Massari’s Keynote:

  • Triumph Through Change

  • Support and Encourage Your People

  • Ignite the Power of the Human Spirit

  • Expand Courage and Unconditional Confidence

  • Inspire Compassionate Leadership

  • Leave a Legacy of Kindness

  • Amplify Self-Leadership: Having Personal Command in All Moments

  • Advance a Success Mindset

  • Enhance Emotional Intelligence

  • Achieve Peak Success Through Tough Times

  • Establish a Foundation for Wellness and Well-Being and Business Inspiration

  • Reclaim Your Passion for Your Life’s Work

  • Deepen Self-Awareness

  • Activate Simple Concepts that Strengthen Resilience

  • Master Adversity

  • Grow Impeccable and Inspired Personal and Professional Development

Keynote Length: Up to 60 minutes

Screen Shot 2016-11-20 at 2.57.14 PM_zpstn2nlrkr.png
“Seek out wisdom and abundance will follow you.”
— Allison Massari

To Change a Life—One Person, One Moment: Story of the Fire | 5 min

Harnessing Peace and Happiness | 5 minutes

A Secret to Well-Being and Happiness | 2.5 minutes

Genuine Caring Only Takes Seconds | 1.5 minutes

The Presence of Mind to Care | 2 minutes

Full Length Keynote Below | 55 minutes

Tenderhearted and Fierce—The Power of Resilience | 5 minutes

The Power of the Human Spirit | 5 minutes

Balm for the Wounds of Unkindness | 1.5 minutes

Every Act of Kindness Counts | 3.5 minutes

To Be Happy, We Must Be Very Brave | 2 minutes

Testimonials | 6 minutes

Older Speaking Reel | 7 minutes

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“What is it we all want? We want to live with passion, focus and clarity. We want success, genuine well-being… inner peace. We want to be powerful in our lives, equipped with the capacity to handle the unexpected, and with the tools to successfully navigate difficult people and challenging circumstances. But it’s more than that – we want to feel like we’ve come alive, that we’re living our mission, walking in the world, vital… I specialize in helping people transform their personal and professional lives, and to feel inspired. You will experience profound results – and a lot of heart. I’m all yours.”
— Allison Massari