The Fire Within

Hailed by audiences worldwide as “life-changing”, “riveting”, “extraordinary”, “bold”, and “deeply moving”, Allison Massari’s message of courage, kindness, and resilience resonates with participants long after an event has finished. Listed as one of the Top 10 Best Speakers for “motivation” and “personal development” in the United States by Meetings & Conventions Magazine, Allison has been featured on ABC, NBC and FOX networks. Her diverse client list includes: GE Healthcare IT, Cleveland Clinic, Kaiser Permanente, LPL Financial, PEI (Petroleum Equipment Institute), MDRT – Million Dollar Round Table, Eli Lilly and Co., Allscripts, Fresenius, HIMSS/CHIME, Teva Pharmaceutical, Siemens Medical, CVS Health, Beryl Institute, The Mosaic Company, American Family Insurance Group.

Allison has dedicated her career to catapulting individuals and organizations toward total success, mastery, and fulfillment. As an international keynote speaker, executive coach, and interdisciplinary artist, Allison provides an exceptional blend of business acuity, clarity, creative perspective, and real understanding. Her highly effective methods have enabled her to form bonds as a trusted confidante to CEOs, executives and entrepreneurs. Having triumphed over two traumatic accidents, one where she was severely burned on over 50% of her body, Allison captures the hearts of audiences, demonstrating how to move forward with speed and grace. Prepare to be taken on a journey.

Allison Massari’s programs are packed with content. Blending powerful life lessons with compelling, insightful, and awe-inspiring stories, she offers actionable tools for people to immediately use to transform and manage their lives.


"I don’t believe there is a group who could sit before the pure magic Allison brings to a room and not be forever changed."


J. Chapman
Global Pharmaceutical Company
Ranked 119 on the Fortune 500


Entrepreneurial Spirit


With the heart of an artist, the keen vision of an entrepreneur, and a knack for success, Allison has built four thriving businesses in the past 25 years. She began with a robust fine arts business and jewelry line, Massari Fine Arts, LLC. Among her accolades were commissions for Fortune 500 companies including Lockheed Martin, General Mills and US Airways.

With characteristic vigor, she launched her coaching and speaking career. She was quickly honored as the #1 Rising Star in Speaking by the National Speakers Association, and has been recognized with esteemed engagements including a TEDx event in Spain on “The Future of Happiness” and as a main platform speaker at the 2013 Million Dollar Round Table Conference, addressing an audience of 8,600 from 75 countries. Allison Massari is also featured in the award-winning international documentary “Resolve” which offers solutions to overcome adversity and PTSD, hosted by the Head of US Forces for the Military in Afghanistan. Currently, Allison coaches and speaks full-time around the world, drawing packed audiences who praise her sincerity and her remarkable life-altering message of finding the will, determination, and compassion to overcome adversity against all oddsri

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Redefining the Impossible

In 1998, Allison survived a devastating near head-on car crash where she was trapped and burned alive, conscious the entire time. A selfless onlooker, who was a Vietnam veteran, ran into the fiery scene, kicked the glass out, and saved her life. Just three years later she was hit again at 60 mph and sustained a closed-head brain injury. Allison has always believed in the miraculous. Her profound journey of overcoming these two life-altering injuries gives her a genuine and direct approach to transcending life’s difficulties. By sharing her story she motivates change – in people and in the organizations that nurture and inspire them.

Incredibly, Allison views her life’s experiences as a tremendous gift, one that helped her find strength, resolve, and ultimately, her life’s work. She says, “I didn’t want to just heal. I wanted to feel peaceful. I became relentless in my pursuit to find the answers to life.”

What I have found is that when the mind tries to tell you that there is no hope… there is always hope.
— Allison Massari

Transforming Lives

Allison’s accomplished and diverse client list highlights the resounding impact of her story and message to so many types of audiences worldwide.  She adapts her message to address the individual issues affecting each market and has worked with a broad range of industries including Finance, Insurance, Sales, IT, Energy, Real Estate, Agriculture, Healthcare, and Non-profits. She inspires courage, tenacity, and willingness, which everyone needs, in every industry. With honesty, encouragement, and clarity, Allison shows how it takes courage, again and again, in a series of many moments to be successful.

In Healthcare, for instance, Allison has quickly become a leading educator – helping to ameliorate stress, moral injury, and burnout, offering support for compassion fatigue, and providing a preeminent program on patient-centered care as it relates to health care reform. Her keynote often provides Continuing Medical Education (CME) and Continuing Education Units (CEU).

Allison’s unique history reinforces her ability to address important and sensitive subjects without alienating individuals. Raised by her mother, a nurse, and her father, a cancer surgeon, Allison grew up with an intimate understanding of the demands and challenges of the medical profession. Her upbringing, coupled with collectively spending hundreds of days in hospitals, doctor’s offices, and physical therapy centers, gives her a compelling view inside the patient experience. As Allison states, “Compassion heals the places that medicine cannot touch.”

As a powerful and passionate advocate for both patient and provider, she teaches the art of self-leadership – how to be the light in the room no matter the circumstances. Allison states, “I knew if I could bring healing to the healers, I could have the greatest impact.” Her dynamic and poignant program offers real solutions to the struggle of how to keep the patient first, which increases patient satisfaction and supports the financial success of medical facilities, while improving the welfare of the patients – and patient safety.

My greatest desire as a speaker is to celebrate the power of the human spirit, to make sure that no person feels alone, to ignite that inner fire of perseverance, and inspire people to reach pinnacle achievements.
— Allison Massari

Giving Back

Keep it simple. Do good every day in the world, with simple acts of kindness. Blaze a trail of sweetness. Remove all expectations of others, while going wholeheartedly after your dreams. Eat well. Sleep well. Love big.
— Allison Massari

Allison believes deeply in the power of community and compassion. On the advent of her own recovery she began helping children and teens with severe burn injuries. In 1998, Allison founded a revolutionary outdoor sports program, named after the man who risked his own life to save her when he pulled her from her burning car. The Roger Pepper Adventure Camps powerfully build confidence, hope, and healing in young participants. These innovative programs continue to transform lives to this day at the Adaptive Sports Center in Crested Butte, Colorado. 

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Artistic Expression

Schooled in creativity as a sculptor, painter, and interdisciplinary artist, Allison always felt that her artwork was a vehicle for her passion to connect with people.

After receiving her BFA from Rhode Island School of Design, Massari went on to receive an integrated masters degree by combining MFA programs from Parsons School of Design in painting, and the School of Visual Arts in illustration in New York City. Her artwork has been embraced by private art collectors and museums throughout the country and overseas.

Allison Massari’s sublime artwork serves as an intimate and bold visual backdrop to her keynote speeches.

“Gracefulness is facing adversity... with a song in your heart.
— Allison Massari

To Change a Life—One Person, One Moment: Story of the Fire | 5 minutes

Full Length Keynote | 55 minutes


Allison customizes her inspirational message for each audience and industry. Preview a clip of Allison's healthcare keynote below.

This speech was customized for customers on the finance side of healthcare.  | 7 minutes