Leadership Coaching for Teams

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My group coaching is delivered with a 45-minute inspirational keynote style talk followed by a 30-minute highly interactive Q&A.

I am here to help your company flourish. I am here to support your people’s lives at a deep level.

  1. Are your employees missing work days? Are they ‘“absent” at work? If they are not engaged you are losing money.
  2. Does your staff have the essential tools needed to successfully manage challenges at work and in their lives?
  3. Are they handling stress well?
  4. Do your employees feel inspired and engaged?

* To Book Allison Massari Contact Our Client Services Team! Email: CS@AllisonMassari.com

“She is invaluable.”
“We are thrilled to have sponsored her… Before an appreciative NHIA audience, Allison’s connection with the CHAP brand proved to be invaluable.  Allison’s energy and message is right on!“

Michael Grogan
Vice President of Business Development
Community Health Accreditation Program (CHAP)


According to the Harvard Business Review:

There is staggering scientific data showing that mastering one’s emotions is directly linked to the bottom line of your business.


“I specialize in helping employees remove blocks to success and to feel passionate in life and work.”
— Allison Massari
“Walk softly… your heart feels every move you make.”
— Allison Massari