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Inspiring Determination, Loyalty, and Innovative Personal and Professional Growth

Relentless competition, changing technology, and the consistent need to innovate creates an environment where it is vital for Insurance Industry Professionals to always be one step ahead and to find ways to cultivate loyalty in both employees and customers. Allison Massari’s powerful and life-changing insurance keynote program delivers an unforgettable message that ignites a surge of creativity, confidence, and passion in audiences, and facilitates unparalleled growth and vigor in their work.

Allison has an extraordinary story that lead to her becoming an insurance keynote speaker. Having survived harrowing injuries from two traumatic car accidents, her compelling view inside the “patient experience” illuminates the vital necessity and importance of having solid insurance. Allison’s delivery offers tangible tools for managing change, adversity, and the everyday challenges of work and life. Her keynote program highlights how the insurance industry is genuinely fortifying the health, wellness, and peace of mind of individuals and families. Participants will feel more engaged, inspired, and gratified in their work.

Whether it’s for an Annual Sales Conference, a Leadership Retreat, a Customer Appreciation Event, or your Quarterly Meeting, Allison Massari’s profound and insightful insurance keynotes support and nurture audiences, giving them a fresh outlook and invigorating their enthusiasm and imagination. She specializes in helping people remove blocks to success and is a fiery voice for the potent power of kindness and indestructible perseverance in order to achieve peak success. Her message promises to support the wellbeing of everyone in the room.

If you want to learn how to triumph through change, overcome adversity, feel motivated in tough times, feel more confident with how to deal challenges, and view life from new coordinates of hope and vitality – Allison Massari is your keynote speaker.

Learn more and see how Allison can customize her message for your audience.

To Change a Life—One Person, One Moment: Story of the Fire | 5 min

Harnessing Peace and Happiness | 5 minutes

A Secret to Well-Being and Happiness | 2.5 minutes

Genuine Caring Only Takes Seconds | 1.5 minutes

The Presence of Mind to Care | 2 minutes

Tenderhearted and Fierce—The Power of Resilience | 5 minutes

The Power of the Human Spirit | 5 minutes

Balm for the Wounds of Unkindness | 1.5 minutes

Every Act of Kindness Counts | 3.5 minutes

To Be Happy, We Must Be Very Brave | 2 minutes

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55 minutes

I am writing on behalf of Allison Massari and her very strong and moving message of motivation. Recently she spoke at the RIMS Global Annual Meeting in Philadelphia and addressed the global risk managers in attendance with a theme that resonated to all.

My role with RIMS (Risk and Insurance Management Society) as Vice President allowed me the honor of being able to speak with her one on one, and the passion and energy she radiated came thru both during our conversation and as she addressed our audience.

Many times we engage motivational speakers in an effort to teach and educate our attendees on risk related situations and how to overcome them. Ms. Massari related her experience with both warmth and sincerity, while at the same time, driving home the point of “moments in time” that are measured by seconds and can make the difference between life and death.

Our audience was very receptive and appreciative of hearing not only of her personal issues, but how it relates and extends to all of us to one degree or another in the risk management profession.

If you are looking to have a motivational speaker who can not only hold your audience rapt with attention, but at the same time leave an inspiring message, I would highly recommend utilizing Ms. Massari.

— Robert Cartwright Jr, 2018 President RIMS

By underscoring the essential qualities of determination and compassion, participants feels more engaged and passionate about their work, resulting in a healthier, more gratifying work environment.


Equipped with tools to handle stress and manage trials more effectively, employee loyalty, ownership, and efficiency can reach new heights of achievement.


Participants learn to respond to difficult circumstances, innovate, and constructively engage with co-workers and the world around.


Keynote audiences gain a fresh outlook on their job and their lives, invigorating their enthusiasm and imagination.


Allison speaks brilliantly and generously to each individual’s need for recognition and appreciation.

Content Covered in Allison’s Keynote:

  • Navigate Constant Change

  • Reclaim Your Passion for a Life’s Work in Healthcare

  • Protect Resiliency and Heal Burnout

  • Master Adversity

  • Encourage, Nourish, and Celebrate Your Teams

  • Transform Patient Lives

  • Receive Actionable Tools for Personal Development

  • Deepen Self-Awareness

  • Activate Simple Concepts that Strengthen Resilience

  • Achieve Peak Success Through Tough Times

  • Motivate Sales Growth

  • Inspire Patient Safety Through a Critically Acclaimed Survivor Story

Keynote Length: Up to 60 minutes  

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“There is staggering scientific data showing that mastering one’s emotions is directly linked to the bottom line of your business.”
— Harvard Business Review Research

Why Hire Allison?

According to research from the Journal of Healthcare Management and Current Directions in Psychological Science(Wiley-Blackwell) programs like Allison’s are directly linked to higher performance, fewer sick days, more engaged employees, patient referrals, less turnover, and company profits!

  • Voted on the “Best Keynote Speakers” List – M&C Magazine.

  • Named 2018 TOP 25 Speaker – Over 27,000 Votes Were Cast.

  • Inspires confidence, expands hope, ignites courage, and removes blocks to success – fostering passion in life and work.

  • Unique history as an internationally successful entrepreneur, burn survivor, brain injury survivor, award-winning artist, and professional coach, consultant, and encourager.

  • Instructive, authentic, heartening, and transformational.

  • International TED speaker and Main Platform presenter at Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT).

  • Vision, clarity, encouragement, and a gift in actuating the steps to success.

  • Featured expert in the award-winning documentary “ReSolve” (narrated by Scott Neil, Head of Special Forces, US Military, Afghanistan).

  • Voted #1 National “Rising Star” by the National Speakers Association, 2011.

  • Author of the audio book “Ignited”.

According to Current Directions in Psychological Science ©Wiley-Blackwell reports that poor mental health affects employees in the following areas:


put off challenging tasks


lost patience with customers & clients


felt their ability to make decision was affected


Felt they were likely to have conflict with colleagues


Journal of Healthcare Management