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This document has program descriptions for Allison’s Keynotes as well as deliverables for the audience, biography, benefits, etc. 

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This document has program descriptions for Allison’s Healthcare Keynotes and CE programs as well as deliverables for the audience, biography, benefits, etc.

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“I can honestly say that after 20+ events in the last 8 years we have never had such a positive reaction from our attendees. Allison has an incredibly intelligent and artistic way of presenting her emotional story. From the moment she said hello, she had the undivided attention of everyone in the room.”

“Her delivery was exceptional and unlike any I’ve seen before, as she has an amazing ability to appeal to the audience’s multiple senses and emotions. Would we hire Allison again? Absolutely! But I think we’ll have a very hard time finding availability based on the reaction of the meeting planners in our audience that wanted to book her for their upcoming events.”

Kelly Foy
Elite Meetings International, Inc.



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We customize an introduction for each unique audience. Please get in touch to request a custom introduction

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For a Unique "Meet and Greet" Bring Allison to do an Art Signing of Her Work!

This has been a huge hit and transforms a normal "Meet and Greet" into something very special. Clients have used their extra budget for gifts bags to purchase a series of prints for attendees. To learn more please contact us at: 415.209.3616


“Being seen and feeling appreciated is so important to your well-being. Reflect to your co-workers the impact they are making, and ask them to do the same with you.” #SupportiveWorklife
— Allison Massari
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“There aren’t enough words to express the effect Allison Massari had on our event.”

“Her Keynote was not only inspirational, but truly life changing. She has an incredible presence that transcends the stage and allows you to connect with her personally. In addition to her skill as a speaker, she was a joy to work with. From our first conversation, I not only had absolute confidence in her as a presenter, but she was flexible and understanding of my needs as the event manager. If your audience needs an uplifting, affirmation of what we can overcome and the power of love and kindness, there is no one I more fully recommend than Allison Massari.”

Margaret Holsinger
Events Manager
Elite Meetings International | |


“Speakers set the tone for a conference. Allison Massari was our speaker in 2014 and people still talk about it.”

Amanda Young
Meeting Planner for the GE healthcare IT CentricityTM LIVE Conference


“You were professional, organized and a joy to work with! I would highly recommend you to any other meeting planners or executives looking for a motivational speaker!”

Kristin Ballance
Meetings Unlimited, LLC
Washington D.C. Metro Area


“Allison is a sparkling and dynamic person with an energy that arrives before she does.”

“It is absolutely moving to listen to her — to not only hear her words, but feel her words. I learned not from her misery, but from her victory; that anything can be overcome if you allow yourself to be empowered, forgiving, compassionate and patient. I believe she was chosen to experience what she did — and not only survive it but to be transformed by it — so she could inspire others. She is a reminder that miracles are all around us, and that we have the power within ourselves to transcend, to overcome, to evolve.”

Cindi Salvatore
Event Planner
Polaris Global
“Foundation Live Event” Sydney, Australia