The Roger Pepper Adventure Camp for Teen Burn Survivors

Roger Pepper Adventure Camps originated in 1999 and are the brainchild of keynote speaker and artist Allison Massari. Named after the courageous man who pulled Massari from the blazing inferno of her car in 1998, these camps were founded on the advent of Allison’s own recovery. Her intention is to help build confidence, hope, and healing in children and teens with severe burn injuries.

“For a young person who is suffering, it is vital for them to know that they can hang on – especially when they feel alone. They can go back to the memory of their experiences at the camp and know that they are truly cared for and supported, and that they are capable of doing great things. There is no substitute for that.”
Each year, Massari raises the money so that these innovative and revolutionary outdoor sports programs can continue to transform young people’s lives. The programs and the history of these camps offer extraordinary results.
“We do need your help. Please forward this link to your friends. Thank you so very much. These camps are truly changing young people’s lives.”

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“This is why I live my life. To meet other people like me and experience what I have. I love this camp so much they have done so many things for me and other burn survivors! Thank you Allison Massari.”

Jenna Bullen
Roger Pepper Adventure Camp Participant 2013


“Omgsh Allison is the sweetest person I have ever met! She is such an inspiration to all of us. Thank you so much for providing such a great experience for all of us. We are all so thankful of your generosity! Camp is such a great opportunity to learn and relate with other kids who went through the same thing I did and to just have a great time! (Thanks again so much Allison for everything you have done for all of us at camp. It was so great to meet you!)”

Leah Culkar
Roger Pepper Adventure Camp Participant 2010


“Allison you are literally the most precious person I have yet to meet. Your heart is huge. You’re stunning and beautiful. And I look up to you so much. Thank you for providing me with love, wisdom, and encouragement. You are a huge inspiration to me, I’m beyond blessed to even have someone like you know my name.”

Kim Poling
Roger Pepper Adventure Camp Participant 2000


“Everyone at Roger Pepper says you can do it and you will shine, and it’s true. There is no situation worse than being burned so there is nothing you can put in front of me that I cannot handle.”

Kim Poling

Kim is currently wrapping up her undergraduate work and will be starting a MBA program next fall.

Almost 15 years ago, at our first camp, I met Kim Poling. Kim was a precious person, an extraordinary dancer and despite her heartbreaking story of being burned, her presence could light up a room. What impressed me most was that she sincerely gave love and kindness to everyone around her. Kim’s burns shattered her dreams of becoming a professional ballet dancer. Her injuries and her doctors told her it would be impossible. Kim attended the Roger Pepper Camp at a turning point in her life. Camp opened her eyes to a “can do” attitude and helped her realize she would not take “no” for an answer.  Kim trained her way through the pain of stretching her scars and went on to dance with some of the most revered Russian ballet companies in the United States. I am so proud of her!

President and Mrs. Carter, this was one of our most special days when you visited us. Thank you for bringing your love and kindness to us!

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Allison Massari has no ownership in this camp or the Adaptive Sports Center and does not receive any sort of financial compensation. We thank you for your generosity.