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The Inspirational Keynote Speaker That Will Change Your Life.

Are you in search of a female inspirational keynote speaker who will provide an unforgettable and dynamic experience for your event? Welcome to the exquisitely heartfelt work of Allison Massari, a female role model who has inspired thousands of people with her story of courage, compassion and transformation.

“Your bravery is astounding. You are completely AMAZING!! Absolutely inspiring. Very powerful!! Thank you for your insightfulness! Thank you for your courage! Thank you for giving us energy and hope! You are without question brilliant like the very sun.”



Inspirational TEDx Speaker, Burn Survivor, Executive Coach, Celebrated Female Artist

Named one of the Top 10 Best Speakers for "Motivation"

– M&C Magazine

Content covered in Allison Massari’s Inspirational Keynote:

  • Triumph Through Change

  • Amplify Self-Leadership: Having Personal Command in All Moments

  • Activate Simple Concepts that Strengthen Resilience

  • Support and Encourage Your People

  • Ignite the Power of the Human Spirit

  • Expand Courage and Unconditional Confidence

  • Inspire Compassionate Leadership

  • Advance a Success Mindset

  • Achieve Peak Success Through Tough Times

  • Establish a Foundation for Wellness and Well-Being

  • Reclaim Your Passion for Your Life’s Work

  • Deepen Self-Awareness

  • Master Adversity Through a Female Perspective

  • Grow Impeccable and Inspired Personal and Professional Development

  • Leave a Legacy of Kindness 

Keynote Length:
Up to 60 minutes

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“The truth is, the same internal fire and ‘command of self’ that I needed to heal my life is exactly what has given me success professionally. They are all the same qualities. Science shows us today that the ability to have a sense of well-being, and your resilience in the face of challenges, is directly linked to the bottom line of your business. This is the type of personal and professional development that I embrace fully and love to teach.”
— Allison Massari

Meet Allison


What if there was a survival guide to being human? What would it look like? What does it take for us to feel more powerful, capable, courageous and purposeful in our lives?

Top female inspirational keynote speaker, Allison Massari, has journeyed to the extremes of human endurance. She survived two life-threatening car accidents, one where she was burned alive, and suffered second and third degree burns on over 50% of her body, and has learned not only to survive, but to thrive, find happiness, and ultimately triumph despite extraordinary adversity. If anyone has a “Survival Guide to Being Human”, it would be Allison Massari.

Allison has been named one of the top ten best keynote speakers for motivation and inspiration by Meetings and Conventions Magazine. With such prevalent interest in hiring a female speaker Allison Massari is a salient choice. She brings incredible vitality, insight, and presence to strengthen and uplift any event. At the Million Dollar Round Table Conference Allison Massari was a main platform speaker, addressing 8,600 people from 75 countries. She spoke about “The Future of Happiness” at a TEDx event in Spain and has been featured on ABC, NBC and FOX networks. Allison also starred in an award-winning documentary about overcoming adversity and PTSD, hosted by the head of special forces for the US military in Afghanistan.

In addition to her compelling career as a female inspirational keynote speaker, Allison is also an award-winning visual artist. As you listen, you will be delighted to see her artwork presented on stage, accompanying her speech. Each image matches the feeling of the story she is sharing. Allison Massari takes people on a unique and dramatic journey through the spoken word with her gentle voice and her breathtaking visual imagery.

Allison’s story is extraordinary. Yet even more remarkable is her ability to view her life’s experiences as a tremendous gift, one that helped her find strength, resolve, and ultimately, her life’s mission.

As she shares her inspirational journey of overcoming tragic and life-altering injuries, she reveals a sincere and direct approach to transcending life’s difficulties. Allison’s visionary female presence adds a diversified and vital tone to your event. She is a speaker who specializes in helping people remove blocks to success and recharge their passion for life and work.  “The truth is, that the same internal fire and ‘command of self’ that I needed to heal my life is exactly what has given me success professionally.”

Tenderhearted and Fierce—The Power of Resilience | 5 minutes

Harnessing Peace and Happiness | 5 minutes

A Secret to Well-Being and Happiness | 2.5 minutes

Genuine Caring Only Takes Seconds | 1.5 minutes

The Presence of Mind to Care | 2 minutes

Older Speaker Reel | 7 minutes

The Power of the Human Spirit | 5 minutes

To Change a Life—One Person, One Moment: Story of the Fire | 5 min

Balm for the Wounds of Unkindness | 1.5 minutes

Every Act of Kindness Counts | 3.5 minutes

To Be Happy, We Must Be Very Brave | 2 minutes

Testimonials | 6 minutes

Full Length Keynote Below | 55 minutes

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This document has program descriptions for Allison’s Keynotes as well as deliverables for the audience, biography, benefits etc.

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“Start the day by being present with yourself. Ask yourself, ‘What are my intentions for today? How can I be my highest self and bring kindness, creativity, totality, excellence, and purpose into all that I do?’”
— Allison Massari

Industries & Event Types

  • Information Technology

  • Sales

  • Pharmaceutical

  • Human Resources

  • Finance

  • Insurance

  • Non-profits

  • Humanitarian Groups

  • Fundraisers

  • Entrepreneurship

  • Business Inspiration

  • Energy

  • Real Estate

  • Agriculture

  • Manufacturing

  • Associations


“I watched as the entire room rose to their feet in a standing ovation. Her work is phenomenal, and life altering."

"I can’t tell you how many keynotes I have sat through with this company, and I have never seen the crowd so affected. As I looked around the room, the audience was overcome with emotion; riveted, gasping in response at times, welling up with tears at others. As Allison closed… the entire room rose to their feet in a standing ovation, another first for this group. Allison was able to show up with exactly the message we needed to hear. I watched afterwards as executives came up to her one by one sharing how they had been touched personally. I don’t believe there is a group who could sit before the pure magic Allison brings to a room and not be forever changed.”

Jessica Chapman
Neuroscience Sales Representative
Global Pharmaceutical Company
Ranked 119 on Fortune 500

Allison Massari Offers Unparalleled Benefits


Discover how good can prevail in the most difficult situations. Allison has the ability to powerfully capture an audience with her unique story. When working in business, inspiration truly uplifts your teams to be more present and engaged.


Allison’s program offers tools to successfully manage debilitating emotions that inhibit creativity, motivation, and productivity.


By underscoring the essential qualities of determination and compassion, participants feels more engaged and passionate about their work, resulting in a healthier, more gratifying work environment.


Build a foundation for personal and professional well-being with real solutions to navigate adversity and the everyday challenges of being human.


Equipped with tools to handle stress and manage trials more effectively, employee loyalty, ownership, and efficiency can reach new heights of achievement.


Participants learn to respond to difficult circumstances, innovate, and constructively engage with co-workers and the world around.


Audiences gain a fresh outlook on their job and their lives, invigorating their enthusiasm and imagination, and business inspiration.


Allison speaks brilliantly and generously to each individual’s need for recognition and appreciation.


Her program is truly life-altering, and paradigm shifting.  The audience will be forever changed.


Keynote Programs

Clients have used these titles for Allison’s Keynote:

The Fire Within℠ The Art of Exceptional Self-Leadership

Triumph Through Change℠ The Mindset for Success

The Survival Guide to Being Human℠ and the Art of Happiness

Triumph over Tragedy℠ Success through Change, Adversity and Tough Times

The Mindset for Success℠ Activating True Resilience and Inspiration

Courage and the Mighty Heart℠ The Intersection of Passion and Perseverance

Thriving in Turbulent Times℠ Activating Courage and Confidence to Achieve Heroic Success

Wellness and Well-Being at Work℠ Empowering Employees to Better Manage Their Lives

Self-Mastery℠Burn Bright and Blaze a Trail for Others

The Power of One℠ Changing the World One Person at a Time

“We all have the capacity to change the world in every moment, wherever we stand - at work and in our personal lives. Be the healer. A healer is someone who steps up, is present, and brings their abilities to everything they do in the world. If you are thinking, ‘I’m a technologist - who am I to step into the role of the healer?’ That’s shrinking. Why would you not be the healer?” #OwnIt
— Allison Massari

Program Description #1:


What is the inspirational mindset we need to have success in this world? What does it look and feel like to be fully alive and in command of your life? At any moment, life can throw adversity in our direction: the shock of sudden financial loss, an automobile accident, uncertainty and unrest from changes at work, the pain of feeling disliked or judged by a colleague or friend who seems to completely misunderstands who we are. …What does it take to be ok inside of ourselves no matter what is happening out in the world?

Life is easy when things are going our way. What defines our true character is who we are when things are not going our way, when we are put to the test… when we are faced with the impossible.

True resilience and success, both personally and professionally, requires an intricate understanding of the mechanisms inside ourselves that allow us to navigate adversity. With this knowledge, we can pursue and advance towards our dreams and goals with unwavering courage, purpose, inspired confidence and the strength of an open heart.

With mastery, conviction, and the power of storytelling, top female inspirational keynote speaker Allison Massari teaches audiences the potent life lessons that she learned on each step of her path after she was severely burned in a fire and faced seemingly insurmountable odds. Her stunning keynote offers effective tools for participants to immediately better manage their lives and navigate the everyday challenges of being human. Prepare to be inspired, moved, and energized. Prepare to be taken on a journey.


Program Description #2:

(Same keynote with a variation of the description.)

Prepare to be taken on a journey. In her moving and thought-provoking keynote, Allison Massari teaches listeners to find peace, purpose, and happiness, and gives them the tools they need to rise above any obstacle. As the survivor of two life-threatening car accidents, and having suffered severe second and third degree burns on over 50% of her body, she reveals her personal inspirational journey from absolute loss, to forgiveness and understanding, and finally to a success and life beyond anything she could have imagined. Through the power of storytelling, and genuine inspiration, and a unique female perspective, Allison weaves humor, empathy, and potent life lessons, allowing the audience to study what she learned on each step of her path. You will hear and understand the answers to some of life’s biggest questions. Her dynamic and deeply moving keynote speech fortifies audience members with an inspired perspective on life and applicable tools for managing change and adversity.


In this program, Allison will equip participants to:

  • Grow motivation and confidence through an extraordinary story of overcoming extreme adversity and finding the internal strength for hope to flourish.

  • Discover the wellspring for creating a phenomenal life.

  • Promote exceptional customer service and teamwork by learning to navigate and bring ease to the most challenging situations.

  • Increase inventiveness, resourcefulness, generative capacity and excitement.

  • Learn a simple tool to transform debilitating feelings of defeat, doubt, and sorrow.

  • Work with humor – learn to access humor’s joy and grace, even in moments of heightened stress.

  • Deepen self-awareness and activate simple concepts that strengthen resilience.

  • Inspire team-building through palpable stories of the heroic impact of community.

  • Develop and maintain personal command and integrity in the face of feeling attacked, betrayed, hurt or enraged.

  • Witness the powerful results of fierce determination and tenacity in an ‘impossible situation’.

  • Demystify false concepts that impede well-being.

  • Realize the most effective action to take when addressing the everyday challenges of being human.

  • Learn to build a positive outlook and maintain business inspiration despite seemingly insurmountable odds.

2017 Massari_Headshot.jpg

“…the message sent by neurological, psychological, and organizational research is startling in it’s clarity. Emotional leadership is the spark that ignites a company’s performance, creating a bonfire of success or a landscape of ashes.”
— Harvard Business Review


Research According to Current Directions in Psychological Science ©Wiley-Blackwell Employees reported that poor mental health affected them in the following areas:


put off challenging tasks


lost patience with customers & clients


felt their ability to make decision was affected


felt they were likely to have conflict with colleagues

Research according to Gallup:

Gallup estimates that actively disengaged employees — the least productive — cost the American economy up to $350 billion per year in lost productivity, including absence, illness and other problems that result when employees are not engaged.

Research according to Harvard Business Review:

There is staggering scientific data showing that mastering one’s emotions is directly linked to the bottom line in your business.

Screen Shot 2019-03-03 at 1.23.43 PM.jpg

Allison Massari Inspirational Demo Videos & Press

Watch Allison’s Full Keynote Above.

55 minutes

Older Speaking Reel

7 minutes


6 minutes


Praise for Allison Massari

“Yours is the most profound and heartwarming speech I have heard ever. Thanks for making us pause from our monotonous lives to reflect on the more important things.”

Seema Shah
Medical Technologist at Northwest Oncology & Hematology


“You totally wowed the audience with your presentation.”

Jason Krohnke
Vice President-Regional & Field Marketing
American Equity Investment Life Insurance Company®


"You commanded that room in a way I haven't seen from any speaker. You absolutely could hear a pin drop!”

Jessica Withers
Promotions & Events Coordinator
Illinois Women in Leadership


“Share the gift of Allison Massari. She innocently, yet expertly, bonds the audience through a deeper, more meaningful, more memorable truth. A truth we all share and we all celebrate as curious, capable and caring human beings. Allison is different, as in better.”

Jeff Zipper
Senior VP, Communications & Marketing


“An absolutely scintillating presentation.”

“A Harvard professor, Daniel Gilbert, in a fascinating book, Stumbling onto Happiness, discusses the fact that often the anticipation of an event or meeting is not met by the actual event....which often disappoints. In the case of the ICSI Colloquium, he was wrong. While I had great expectations for your message and presentation, the actual event exceeded the highest of those expectations. As I held back the tears in my ears, noted the choked sensation in my chest, felt the inspiration exuding from your powerful words. I felt a powerful surge of feeling which I knew was being replicated across the audience. It was my hope to reach the personal level of the audience, to engage them in a meaningful, internal way, and your story, your art, your words, were incredible, and set the tone for a fabulous conference. Saying thank you for a wonderful presentation seems inadequate, but it was an absolutely moving, heartfelt, and powerful moment....THANK YOU!!! There, I shouted it.”

Gary Oftedahl, MD
Collaboration Catalyst
Event Director
ICSI Colloquium


“If you are looking to have a motivational speaker who can not only hold your audience rapt with attention, but at the same time leave an inspiring message, I would highly recommend utilizing Ms. Massari.”

“I am writing on behalf of Allison Massari and her very strong and moving message of motivation. Recently she spoke at the RIMS Global Annual Meeting in Philadelphia and addressed the global risk managers in attendance with a theme that resonated to all. My role with RIMS (Risk and Insurance Management Society) as Vice President allowed me the honor of being able to speak with her one on one, and the passion and energy she radiated came thru both during our conversation and as she addressed our audience. Many times we engage motivational speakers in an effort to teach and educate our attendees on risk related situations and how to overcome them. Ms. Massari related her experience with both warmth and sincerity, while at the same time, driving home the point of “moments in time” that are measured by seconds and can make the difference between life and death. Our audience was very receptive and appreciative of hearing not only of her personal issues, but how it relates and extends to all of us to one degree or another in the risk management profession. If you are looking to have a motivational speaker who can not only hold your audience rapt with attention, but at the same time leave an inspiring message, I would highly recommend utilizing Ms. Massari.”

Robert Cartwright Jr
Vice President
Risk Insurance Management


"There are special people in this world who seem to shine from the inside out.  Allison Massari is one of those people. With her gracious spirit and gentle voice, she took our 2,500 leaders Hackensack Meridian Health on a breath-taking journey through her story that left them uplifted, tear-filled and reconnected to purpose in a way that’s difficult to describe.

Allison is effortlessly compelling and soulfully authentic as she speaks directly to your heart,  reminding you that we are here on this earth for each other.

Yes, Allison left a memorable dent in our universe — our brand new organization that aspires to humanize health care. Her words, her energy, her unmistakable presence reminds me of a Flavia Weedn quote:

“Some people come into our lives and quickly go. Some people move our souls to dance. They awaken us to a new understanding with the passing whisper of their wisdom. Some people make the sky more beautiful to gaze upon. They stay in our lives for a while, leave footprints on our hearts, and we are never, ever the same.”

I am so grateful that many of us at Hackensack Meridian Health now sport Allison’s footprints on our hearts and will never, ever be the same.”

Chrisie Scott
Chief Marketing Officer
Hackensack Meridian Health


“She’s the best keynote speaker I’ve ever seen.”

“I’ve worked with a number of keynote speakers over the years, so I was surprised and impressed by how easy it was to work with Allison. She’s a lovely person – calm, warm, thankful, positive. She communicated often and clearly, which is such a relief as the event planner. Her speech was everything you hope for in a keynote – well organized, moving, inspirational, energizing, engaging. The attendees loved the session, and I highly recommend Allison for any event. She’s the best keynote speaker I’ve ever seen.”

Kirsten Shaffer
NAHAM Operations Manager, Conference Planner


Why Hire Allison?

  • Voted on the “Best Keynote Speakers” List – M&C Magazine. Named 2018 TOP 25 Speaker – Over 27,000 Votes Were Cast.
  • Inspires confidence, expands hope, ignites courage, and removes blocks to success – fostering passion in life and work.
  • Unique history as an internationally successful entrepreneur, burn survivor, brain injury survivor, award-winning artist, and professional coach and consultant.
  • Instructive, authentic, heartening, inspirational and transformational.
  • International TED speaker and Main Platform presenter at Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT).
  • Vision, clarity, encouragement, and a gift in actuating the steps to progress.
  • Featured expert in the documentary “ReSolve” (narrated by Scott Neil, Head of Special Forces, US Military, Afghanistan).
  • Voted #1 National “Rising Star” by the National Speakers Association, 2011.
  • Author of the audio book “Ignited”.

Stay tuned for a new keynote coming: Master Your Life

This will be an excellent closing speech for the day. This enlightening program will offer audience members tools to immediately and more effectively manage their lives. Delivered with a light, casual, and humorous tone, this content-rich speech specifically addresses well-being, and personal and professional development, drawing from many of Allison’s key lessons from her coaching practice. Participants can sit back, relax, laugh, learn, and feel supported.
Allison will equip participants to:

  • Learn the first thing to do when a crisis hits.
  • Implement two rules for managing personal anger effectively.
  • Acquire a specific tool to shift out of deep loneliness.
  • Differentiate between self-discipline and self-bullying.
  • Successfully move through an embarrassing experience.
  • Embrace and activate ‘unconditional confidence’
  • Gain the tools for creating and utilizing a support system.
  • Take charge of their own well-being and happiness.
  • And so much more…  

Allison Massari delivering her keynote to 8,600 people from 75 countries at Million Dollar Round Table in 2013.

Allison Massari delivering her keynote to 8,600 people from 75 countries at Million Dollar Round Table in 2013.