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Allison’s supportive, paradigm shifting, and joyous coaching will forever change the way you approach challenging situations and anything that might block your ability to move forward in life. Allison will help you realize your greatest potential and fully shine – in an environment that is supportive, invested, and dynamic. Experience your best self.

“The journey of looking inward becomes our greatest gift – our most profound adventure. There is no short-cut to doing this inner work, but it is so worth it. The path to peace, and success on so many levels requires deep compassion for the parts of us that feel lost or stuck. This is the foundation from which real transformation becomes exponentially powerful. The exciting part is coming to a place of feeling so truly alive and living your purpose with full strides.”
— Allison Massari

"I have been working with Allison for three years and the results have been astounding."

“Initially, I sought Allison’s help to get through a specific incident. I was about to seek criminal justice through DNA technology for a crime committed almost two decades earlier. I wanted to be mentally prepared for the trial. By working closely with Allison I was truly ready for anything. I was able to navigate the confounding twists and turns of the legal system. I was able to maintain my life while the case was postponed four times. Allison helped me confront the issues that arose through the trial that had been hidden for years. She helped me crack open old wounds and let them heal properly. The result of much hard work was not only an outwardly successful trial but more importantly the inner work that would ensure the rest of my life would be transformative. The perp was convicted and sent to prison for 30 years. I continued to work with Allison after the trial was over. After revealing the spectrum of emotions, the healing had just begun. Allison lovingly and methodically worked to ensure I was ready for what life had in store for me next. Allison is compassionate, wise and gifted with finding a solution to any obstacle. She is so versatile and consistently amazes me with her wide range of expertise. She is generous with her knowledge in so many areas. She sincerely wants me to succeed. She is committed to getting the best possible results for anyone she encounters, even in dire circumstances. I am inspired to know Allison and to experience firsthand how much love she has in her heart.”

—Confidential Client – Boston, MA

Transform Your Life


• Master your emotions: make clear decisions, respond with kindness, and grow your support network.
• Learn techniques to be peaceful and proactive in the face of conflict.
• Gain the ability to respond successfully to difficult people and challenging circumstances.
• Successfully manage debilitating emotions that inhibit creativity, motivation, and productivity.
• Navigate adversity and the everyday challenges of being human.
• Build a foundation for personal and professional well-being.


• Learn to identify and remove the blocks to your success and happiness.
• Accelerate towards achieving your greatest goals.
• Identify your passion and purpose with more clarity.
• Find your “Yes” to life. Eradicate the experience of fear getting in the way.
• Transform inertia: create dramatic change in an instant.


• Feel supported as you remove blocks in areas where you feel frustrated.
• Experience profound recognition and appreciation.
• Discover how good can prevail in the most difficult situations.
• Find joy in who you are and what you do.

* Currently Allison has a waiting list for new coaching clients. If you would like to be on this list please contact our office at: CS[at]

Digital artwork by Allison Massari: “Claim the Fiery Babe Inside You” © 2011 Allison Massari – A self-portrait

Digital artwork by Allison Massari: “Claim the Fiery Babe Inside You” © 2011 Allison Massari – A self-portrait

“If your heart is broken… make art with the pieces.”
— Shane Koyczan

“Embrace it all… the good, the bad, the boredom, the enchantment, the loss, the hope, the agitation, the sense of wonder….. and know that you are gloriously human… and so very good at that.”
— Allison Massari