When searching for the perfect inspirational keynote speaker to set the tone for your conference we know that videos are vital in the decision process. Allison Massari is also happy to be available for a call with your leadership and committee members to discuss your goals, mission, and vision for your event so that she can precisely align her message for a truly impactful and unforgettable presentation. Please see below for video clips specific to business and nonprofit motivational keynotes by Allison and for videos that are for the healthcare industry. 

Healthcare Videos

Allison Massari knows that you have the power to transform lives. She is a devoted advocate for both patient and provider, a leading educator for the power of compassionate care, and a passionate voice for alleviating burnout in medical professionals. Her rare history makes her uniquely qualified to speak to healthcare providers today. As the daughter of a nurse and an oncology surgeon, Allison grew up immersed in the field of medicine. From the age of six she shadowed her father on his rounds as he visited his surgical patients at hospitals. She fondly remembers witnessing her father’s consistent, warm, and compassionate care. Then, at age 32, her life was turned upside down by a tragic event that caused her to spend collectively over 400 days in physical therapy centers, hospitals, and doctors' offices as a patient. Allison’s story is more than just one of survival. It is a story of resilience, courage and the rigorous pursuit of hope. It is a story of collaboration among teams of medical personnel, and how their kindness, determination, and compassion changed her life, and built a foundation for healing.

Business & Nonprofit Videos

What if there was a survival guide to being human? What would it look like? What does it take for us to feel more powerful, capable, courageous and purposeful in our lives? Allison Massari has journeyed to the extremes of human endurance. She has learned not only to survive, but to thrive, find happiness, and ultimately triumph despite extraordinary adversity. Even more remarkable is her ability to view her life’s experiences as a tremendous gift, one that helped her find strength, resolve, and ultimately, her life’s mission. As she shares her journey of overcoming tragic and life-altering injuries, she reveals a sincere and direct approach to transcending life’s difficulties. Allison energizes and supports individuals and teams while delivering practical tools to attain success and fulfillment through kindness and fierce determination.