Client Testimonials

"I seldom am impressed by professional speakers enough to attend their sessions 8 times in 3 months."
"However that is exactly what I did with Allison. Her words were simple yet penetrating as if I had never heard her before. She makes you realize how powerful and long lasting a simple kind word, a warm smile, or a caring gesture can be. I have seen her bring her audience to a wholehearted laughter and even tears and that is not an easy feat for any speaker. I never got tired of listening to her."

Farogh Nazari
Head of Global Accreditation
Siemens Healthcare


“In a word, astounding!” “One of the most memorable and impactful keynotes in CIO Forum history.”
“The presentation you gave at the 2014 CHIME/HIMSS CIO Forum yesterday on healthcare was, in a word, astounding! We are still very much basking in the glow of the event, for which we owe you our deepest gratitude for capping off a great day with one of the most memorable and impactful keynotes in CIO Forum history.
Our group was absolutely riveted to your every word within the first minute of your taking the stage, and you kept them mesmerized for the entire hour. You spoke with such passion, compassion, energy, and charisma and connected with our audience on a deep and truly emotional level. Several of our staff commented at how astonished they were that our group gave you a standing ovation as many on our team have never seen that before. In fact, I can only remember one other time that happened in my 16 years with CHIME, and we have had some really terrific speakers.
Immediately following the event and for days afterward, countless attendees approached me, our CEO, and members of our staff and Board to share with us how excited they were about the event and, more specifically, how moved they were by you and your message.
I would be delighted to provide a glowing referral to anyone considering having you at their event.”

Keith Fraidenburg
Vice President, Education & Communications
College of Healthcare Information Management Executives (CHIME)
At the CHIME and HIMSS CIO Forum

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“Imagine. 8,000 acute and critical care nurses gathered in a great hall listening so intently that the sound of a pin dropped to the floor would shatter the quiet. Such was the case in San Diego at NTI when Allison Massari commanded the stage.”
“Her masterful storytelling rendered a magical state as she shared her inspirational and motivational exploration of the challenges of being human as seen through a lens of tragedy. Allison reached out and touched hearts when she spoke of the power of nurses to transform a person’s life through empathy and kindness. She showed how to grasp the essence of compassionate care in a way that moved it from abstraction into an actionable quality. She renewed spirits as she spoke of joy and pain, fear and happiness and of resiliency. She validated passion as she spoke of connection with human dignity. She evoked tears of gratitude when she said “thank you” to the audience. Allison became an anam cara, a soul friend, during her time on stage. The kind of friend who awakens your life and sets free the possibilities that exist within you. The kind of friend that encourages you to look and see and understand things differently. The kind of friend who refines your sensibilities and transforms your way of being in the world. Thank you friend for sharing your generosity, your insight and your gifts of love.”

Teri Lynn Kiss, RN
President, 2014-2015
American Association of Critical-Care Nurses (AACN)


“The first and only standing ovation at our nine years of events!”
“Thanks so much for presenting at the Iowa Healthcare Collaborative Patient Safety Conference. Your incredible journey through “Triumph over Tragedy” is an inspiring message that received the first and only standing ovation at our events!  Your story of adversity, survival, optimism and grace is powerful.  Our audience of experienced health care professionals were deeply moved, and transformed from being providers to being patients right there with you.  Your passion and grace give us all hope as we journey down this new road of health care transformation.  your passion draws the audience in closer and reassures why they are in this profession; to give life and hope for people like you.  Thanks, as well, for the personal connection you made with our audience after the talk.  I witnessed several attendees come up to you and share their own stories of survival and compassion prompted by your presentation.  It was moving and meaningful.”

Thomas C. Evans, MD
Iowa Healthcare Collaborative


“She is perfect. A perfect professional. A perfect inspiration. A perfect keynote.”
“We brought Allison in to help us celebrate and inspire our nursing workforce with our inaugural event in 2016. Simply put, Allison was the perfect choice and delivered the perfect message of inspiration, compassion, love and determination. Allison was more than a speaker we hired, she immediately became a friend we admired. She is a master at her craft, carefully and meticulously tailoring her message with our mission intentionally making every effort to get to know our organization, the people at our event, and engaging at all levels. She connects more with people than any other speaker I have ever seen. She is a genuine success story and her words and kindness permeate through every interaction and she truly has a magical gift to move people. She has earned the accolades and attention she gets as a top 10 speaker, but she also earns your heart as one of the top 10 people you will ever meet. A can’t miss, once in a lifetime presenter.”

Blake S. Bard, CFRE
Chief Development Officer
Freeman Health System


“Brilliant.” “This was so INCREDIBLE! Thank you!” “Wow no words……” “Fantastic communicator. Personal and compelling.” “Famously told.” “Incredibly moving and powerful session. Such beautiful and thought provoking words.” “Very eye opening! The best patient story of the conference.”

Cleveland Clinic
2016 PE Summit


“…the three-minute standing ovation…”
“What’s the lesson? Plain and simple—it’s the little moments in life that have the greatest impact and you never know what little moment is going to change the world, so you better be prepared for it. …If you had been at Centricity LIVE, you could have seen the three-minute standing ovation that Allison got after her talk yesterday. And you could have seen the customer who came up to me, hugged me, and thanked me for bringing Allison to Centricity LIVE, telling me that Allison’s speech ‘has changed my outlook on life.’ …”

Justin Steinman
Vice President and General Manager
GE Healthcare IT

“From the front row, I could see Allison’s eyes glisten as she spoke, and felt her sincerity.  She touched the entire audience with a profoundly powerful and uplifting presentation.”

Paul Trakofler
Healthcare Administrative Partners
At the GE Healthcare CentricityLIVE 2014 Event

“My job enables me to see world class speakers quite frequently.  Truly, I have never been as moved by a story as I was by yours.”
“Allison, your incredible message of kindness, forgiveness and love was truly delightful and something I think of frequently.  You have a heart of gold, and the authenticity with which you convey your message is beautiful.  My job enables me to see world class speakers quite frequently.  Truly, I have never been as moved by a story as I was by yours.  I feel blessed to have been able to hear you and I am GRATEFUL that you decided to share your story.  I can’t wait to see you again!  Thank you.”

Jennie Pauling
Senior Relationship Manager and Vice President
Wells Fargo Asset Management

“…she mesmerized the entire professional crowd…”
“I had the priveledge of hearing Allison Massari’s motivational speech at the Siemens symposium recently and I have to say the emotions in the room went from euphoria to intense sadness to tears and gratitude…she mesmerized the entire professional crowd that morning and everyone including me left there with a simplistically powerful message…Kudos!”

Seema Shah
Medical Technologist at Northwest Oncology And Hematology
Siemens 2014 DX Educational Symposia Series


“98% of evaluations on content, presentation, and satisfaction scored her at a 5 (highest rating).”
“Allison Massari is an outstanding presenter and keynoter who will inspire any audience with her passion, compassion, and message of hope and renewal. We have used her in several programs and consistently the audience loves her. At one recent program 98% of evaluations on content, presentation, and satisfaction scored her at a 5 (highest rating). This is not unusual. Allison is often listed on evaluations as the best thing about the conference. We will continue to feature Allison in our programs whenever we have the opportunity; she is wonderful!”

Art Sponseller
Hospital Council of Northern & Central California


Speaking at the 2016 Fresenius Medical Care Conference

Speaking at the 2016 Fresenius Medical Care Conference


“She is, without question, one of the most delightful presenters and personalities we have ever hired."
“If you are looking for someone with a compelling message of hope, of tenacity and of grace, it is my pleasure to unhesitatingly recommend Allison Massari. Allison delivered the kickoff message at PEI’s annual convention, and her presentation touched many of our attendees at a very deep level. Just as important, our interactions before, during and after the event revealed another reality—Allison truly lives the optimistic messages she shares. She is, without question, one of the most delightful presenters and personalities we have ever hired. She is engaging. She is sincere. She is kind. And she is so easy to work with. My promise: if you bring Allison to your event, you not only will be pleased with the content, you will enjoy the experience every step of the way.”

Rick Long
General Manager – Associate General Counsel
PEI Journal Editor in Chief
Petroleum Equipment Institute


“You are the best speaker I ever heard in any seminars/conferences I have attended!”

Joy L. Gomez
Laboratory Supervisor at St Alexius Medical Center
Siemens 2014 DX Educational Symposia Series


“I watched as the entire room rose to their feet in a standing ovation. Her work is phenomenal, and life altering.”
“I had the unique honor of introducing Allison Massari as the keynote to our District Sales Managers meeting. The minute I stumbled upon Allison, I knew I had to find a way to get her message to our company. Our climate is wrought with uncertainty, and hungry for hope. There has been a shift towards compassionate leadership and connecting with our customers on a core human level. The timing was perfect; the audience was ready for something different, something other than more of the same. Allison tailored the most amazing speech. I can’t tell you how many keynotes I have sat through with this company, and I have never seen the crowd so affected. As I looked around the room, the audience was overcome with emotion; riveted, gasping in response at times, welling up with tears at others. As Allison closed, I watched as the entire room rose to their feet in a standing ovation, another first for this group. Allison was able to show up with exactly the message we needed to hear. Her work is phenomenal, and life altering. I watched afterwards as executives came up to her one by one sharing how they had been touched personally. I don’t believe there is a group who could sit before the pure magic Allison brings to a room and not be forever changed.”

J. Chapman
Eli Lilly and Company
Neuroscience Sales Representative


“This gal has a message everyone needs to hear! She’s a MUST SEE! : ) Don’t walk, run to her next presentation!”

Brian Garver
VP, Sales and Marketing
KeyBridge Medical Revenue Care


“I can honestly say that after 20+ events in the last 8 years we have never had such a positive reaction from our attendees. Allison has an incredibly intelligent and artistic way of presenting her emotional story.  From the moment she said hello, she had the undivided attention of everyone in the room.”
“Her delivery was exceptional and unlike any I’ve seen before, as she has an amazing ability to appeal to the audience’s multiple senses and emotions.  Would we hire Allison again?  Absolutely!  But I think we’ll have a very hard time finding availability based on the reaction of the meeting planners in our audience that wanted to book her for their upcoming events.”

Kelly Foy
Elite Meetings International, Inc.


“Without a doubt, Allison Massari is the best speaker I have ever heard….on ANY topic”
“I have been a nurse and an administrator for 32 years. I have heard many motivational speakers present on patient centered care, compassion and caring. I myself, speak on the topic. But without a doubt, Allison Massari is the best speaker I have ever heard….on ANY topic. Her content, her style, her nonverbal communication and most of all,  her authentic presence cannot help but reach the hearts and souls of her audience. It is abundantly clear that she lives her life in concert with what she has learned and believes.

Joan Forte Scott, MBA, RN, NE-BC
Administrative Director
Stanford Health Care


“Allison’s message and story was life-changing to listen to. She gave us all an incredible gift that will not be forgotten, and will truly motivate us in all that we strive for in life. If only more people could be fortunate enough to hear her story!”
“Her story touches ALL aspects of our daily life, not just our work, and inspires the audience to focus on being the best person possible, by following such simple and beautiful principles in life. In creating this type of “life focus” and inner happiness, you can impact every aspect of your daily life in a positive, productive, and truly rewarding way.  This in turn, can transcend your passion and appreciation for your work in a much more profound way, and provide so much more focus and meaning in both your professional and personal life! After 25 years in the pharmaceutical/ biotech arena, I finally was blessed to hear a life changing, inspirational talk at a National Sales meeting that wasn’t solely about work or achieving business success! I feel so honored to have listened to Allison speak to our company about her life’s journey and the challenges that she has overcome, which have truly defined her character in the most impressive and extraordinary way. Allison’s message is one of hope, perspective, tenacity, resilience, heart, passion, dedication, compassion and love. I will never forget all that she shared, so selflessly, to help us all along in life and work!!”

Julie Paulussen
Senior Oncology Specialist
Onyx Pharmaceuticals – National Sales Meeting 2014


“When she spoke to more than 200 physicians and providers at our system, you could hear a pin drop as everyone listened attentively to every word…”
“Allison’s story is captivating and remarkable. When she spoke to more than 200 physicians and providers at our system, you could hear a pin drop as everyone listened attentively to every word of her heroic journey. During this chaotic time of healthcare transformation, Allison reminded us of the importance of our chosen career and mission to improve health and wellness. I would not hesitate to engage her to speak at a healthcare conference.”

Rich Paoletti, MBA, RPh, FASHP
Vice President, Primary Care & Ambulatory Network
Lancaster General Health


“Your talk on the MDRT Main Platform was fantastic….” 
“Your talk on the MDRT (Million Dollar Round Table) Main Platform was fantastic, and it was even better to get to know you (and find out what a badass you are). You really are an inspiration, and made such an impression on me.”

Adam Blumberg
Certified Financial Planner (™)
The K Corporation


“I was blown away by your main platform presentation this morning at Million Dollar Round Table.”
“May you enjoy safe travels with the knowledge that you have impacted so many lives in a positive way. We salute you.”

Dennis A. Prentice
Prentice & Associates
Wealth Management and Retirement Planning


“Stunning. Authentic. Emotional. Heartwarming. Triumphant.”
“These words describe Allison Massari’s live presentation. She is a unique talent with a singular story that is unlike anything we’ve experienced in a decade hosting live events. Don’t miss it.”

Greg Strom
V.P, and Head of Worldwide Media


“7 sessions over 4 days for well over 5,000 employees.”
“Allison Massari is incredible and an angel of healing presence. She most recently was our guest speaker for SSM Health Mission Days in St Louis. As such, she provided 7 sessions over 4 days for well over 5,000 employees. We easily connected and were refreshed through engagement with Allison through story. Compassion is one of our core values: “We reach out with openness, kindness, and concern.” Allison opened up her heart and through very creative means, was able to touch into the hearts of all those present. She reminded us that compassion heals the places medicine cannot touch. Forgiveness and understanding are our only means of healing. Our employees continue to remember and are changed by the challenges Allison offered us. The remarks continue, ‘Allison was such a gentle presence. I both laughed and cried. She was amazing. If she could face such adverse challenges, I can also.’ Thank you Allison for reminding us to be the healing presence of God every day.”

Sr Kathy Buchheit, FSM
Regional Director Mission Integration
SSM Health – St Louis


“…inability to exit the Convention Center due to lines of attendees hoping to meet and thank you.”
“Thank you for delivering the opening Keynote Presentation at the 2014 SGNA Annual Course in Nashville. Your story absolutely ‘Ignited the Fire Within’ for our attendees, as evidenced both by the standing ovation, and your inability to exit the Convention Center due to lines of attendees hoping to meet and thank you. Inspiring, powerful, transformative, uplifting, dynamic, emotional, life-changing, and impactful are some of the words attendees used to describe your session. Yours is a story and a message that we are still thinking and talking about, and one that will stay with us all. You inspired an entire room of nurses to embrace compassion centered patient care, through education and technical skill as well as through kindness. I can’t imagine a better way to have started our conference. Thank you!”

Emily Keller
Education Coordinator

“Attendees rated you as ‘above excellent’!”
“Thank you so much for participating in our 2013 Annual Convention and Exposition in Greensboro. Your contribution in our goal to providing high quality education to the long term care professionals is greatly appreciated. Attendees rated ‘Transforming Lives: The Art of Patient Care’ as above excellent! Attendees also had this to say about your presentation: ‘Most enjoyable speaker’, ‘Life-Changing!’, ‘Excellent,’ ‘Heart wrenching, absolutely amazing’…. It was a pleasure to meet you and I wish you much success in 2013!”

Allison Boyette
Programs Director
North Carolina Health Care Facilities Association


“I heard that at the streaming sites you could hear a pin drop, that you had people laughing and and crying with you, and of course we saw the same reaction at the live site. They felt a tenderness in your delivery that showed them, your message is real and heartfelt. ”
“This year we decided to give our associates “the gift of inspiration” for Hospital Week.  Your live presentation was streamed to five facilities in order that your message could reach as many people as possible.  I had been fortunate to hear your presentation at another conference and thought your message of love and compassion needed to be shared.  We were a little nervous as to how our associates would receive your talk, in terms of whether they would see it as a true gift.  Well, the answer is absolutely yes!  Every person that attended the session was moved and inspired by your story.  You touched the hearts of all that saw you and leaders are requesting the video to share with those who could not be there.  I heard that at the streaming sites you could hear a pin drop, that you had people laughing and and crying with you, and of course we saw the same reaction at the live site. They felt a tenderness in your delivery that showed them, your message is real and heartfelt.  The standing ovation you received was just a small token of the appreciation we all felt. Everyone that submitted a question was impressed by the fact that after the session ended, you personally answered all the questions that were submitted, even the ones we did not get to during your session. The “Up Close and Personal” session you had with our informal leaders was exceptional.  They all left energized, moved and with new tools for work and for life. From a personal standpoint, I must say you have most definitely impacted my life positively.  Your message had so many lessons!  Most important to me and to all in our organization was to hear your message about “ compassion healing the places medicine cannot touch”; how powerful!  Your message about not wanting to die alone or how to hold pain and happiness side by; and I could go on and on, moved and inspired all of us to higher levels of compassion in caring for our patients and each other. There is so much to learn from your experience and you helped see things in such a loving way.  I cannot say enough about the impact your talk has had on me and on many of the people that listened to your talk yesterday.  Please, keep spreading the message; It’s all about Love. ”

Norma Tirado
Lakeland HealthCare


“When we opened the TEDxZaragoza conference with Allison, it was like dropping a bomb.”
“Her work is so thorough, so careful. Every sentence, every comma, every pause, the pronunciation of every word, are doubly, triply checked and pondered. It is plainly counterintuitive that the result is so incredibly emotional despite this infinite attention to detail. Yet it is. When we opened the TEDxZaragoza conference with Allison, it was like dropping a bomb. As I later said to her, “It is a great power to be able to make people laugh and cry in only 18 minutes”. How does she do it? My guess is that one of the secret ingredients is to tell exactly what you think, to show what you feel… to actually feel it on stage! It is very different from the careful work of an actress, who strives to convince that she feels something which is not there. Allison’s only aim is to accurately and intensely communicate what she actually feels… and the laughs and the tears in the audience confirm that she achieves it remarkably.”

Pablo Echinique
TEDxZaragoza Co-Organizer
Scientific researcher at the Spanish National Research Council
Zaragoza, Spain

“Overall we received only positive feedback from our customers about the inspirational words and powerful images Allison shared. We would recommend her highly as a speaker for a healthcare audience.”
“Allison Massari was a success at the GE Healthcare Information Technology user conference. She made an emotional connection with members of the audience as she spoke of her challenges and how she overcame them. Her passion provides great motivation on how to remain positive against setbacks.  One participant said, “She changed my life”. Allison’s gathering of audience response via text messages was an excellent way to foster interaction. Overall we received only positive feedback from our customers about the inspirational words and powerful images Allison shared. We would recommend her highly as a speaker for a healthcare audience.”

Paul A. Klein
Director Global Commercial Marketing
Healthcare IT
GE Healthcare


“Allison Massari was the keynote speaker at our recent Annual Convention and Expo. In the first few minutes of meeting her I immediately knew this is a person who truly loves what she does and is passionate as well as compassionate. During her presentation, the attendees seemed spell-bound while she relayed the story of her tragic accident and recovery. You could tell there was a definite connection with the audience. Allison’s presentation is moving and inspiring and she has a quiet way of delivering her message that is extremely effective. It was a great way to begin the convention and I would whole heartedly recommend her.”

Debbie Jackson, RN, LNHA
Vice President Education/Clinical Services
Illinois Health Care Association

“Stellar performance at the MDRT Main Platform…”
“As mentioned your stellar performance at the MDRT Main Platform left me determined to meet you and wanting to know more about your story and your work. Having been afforded the gracious opportunity to do so we were not disappointed…you are indeed a wonderful presenter and an amazing person! The amount of obstacles and adversity you have overcome is truly inspiring and to have the courage to share your story and help others see your bravery has been an encouragement to all.”

Paul J. Haye, CLU®, ChFC®, AEP®
Financial Advisor
Heritage Planners

Thanks once again for a terrific presentation at Million Dollar Round Table. As I shared with you, your message was right on and it was clear that the audience loved you. Congratulations!”

Richard W. Sawyer CLU ChFC AIF
Principal at Norton Financial Services


“In the 10 year history of the Good to Best Conference Allison Massari is one of the best keynote speakers we have ever had.”
“Her keynote instantly draws you in and you are captivated by her story of tragedy and triumph, of life and love, magically illustrated by her beautiful works of art. Allison pours her entire heart into her keynote and you feel an emotional connection with her. We all come to educational conferences such as Good to Best in order to do better in our jobs. But beyond that and more importantly, Allison’s message helps us become better people so that we can become better in life. Allison’s story and message is one that I will never forget.
The impact of Allison’s amazing story can be summed up by the following testimonials from two of our attendees: “Allison Massari’s presentation was so powerful and inspiring. I will never forget her story and how much she has touched my life with her genuine and loving eyes and words. What an amazing person!” and “Allison Massari was off the charts awesome. I am so humbled by her strength and courage. What an amazing woman!”
On a personal level, Allison is just as kind and gracious as she is on stage. She is an amazing, beautiful woman inside and out and such a pleasure to work with. We had a last minute emergency schedule change on the final day of our conference. Our closing speaker had to cancel which put us in a bind. Without hesitation, Allison was kind enough to change her schedule on short notice and short preparation and be our closing Keynote Speaker. Once again, Allison did an amazing job and captivated the crowd with her keynote, “Mastering Your Life,” consisting of valuable life lessons through touching and humorous stories from Allison’s life. It was a perfect ending to a perfect conference.
Without hesitation, I wholeheartedly recommend Allison Massari as a Keynote Speaker for your event. Allison’s story is one that needs to be heard. We can all benefit and become better human beings because of it. It is truly life changing. Thank you Allison!”

Bernard Hernandez
Chief Information Officer
DM&A – Don Miller & Associates
GOOD to BEST    Click Here

“Allison is a truly exceptional soul and the most masterful speaker I’ve experienced.”
“Most of my career has been in roles that called upon me to select and work with professional speakers—and I have been fortunate to have worked with some incredibly talented folks. Allison is a truly exceptional soul and the most masterful speaker I’ve experienced. Her story is a transformative journey of the interplay between life’s most beautiful and painful moments. Her technical skill in telling her story is unsurpassed, leaving me also transformed by her journey. Allison’s presence was a rare gift to me and our audience of 8,000 critical care nurses. I find myself reflecting on her words frequently and know I will carry them with me throughout my life’s journey.”

Dana Woods
American Association of Critical-Care Nurses


“Thank you for sharing your story with us! We couldn’t imagine a better keynote for our Symposium.”

DNV-GL Healthcare


“In a world full of imitation, Allison Massari is a very beautiful original.” 

D. Scott Brennan
President of The Million Dollar Round Table
Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company

Scotty Brennan.png

Read the The Million Dollar Round Table magazine story on Allison’s Keynote in the 2013 Round the Table publication. Click Here

“Your keynote was the best closing keynote I have had the privilege of seeing. Having heard many good speakers in my many years as an association manager, you rank at the top of your craft.”
“It was a pleasure and delight to have you as our closing keynote. For the hundreds that saw you, they left inspired and filled with a sense of hope and joy. Thank you again for your wonderful keynote and for treating our members to one of the best closings in memory. You touched all of our lives.”

Michael R. Avery
Chief Operating Officer
ARMA International


It was great to hear you in the MDRT Annual meeting in Philadelphia.
“I have heard so many speaker but in your presentation… You are so calm. Your voice is so controlled and soft which I have not heard. That in itself gives energy and positivity. Your hard work shows…… You are a Born Artist.”

Harrish Mishrra
Alliance Insurance
Deira, Dubai U.A.E.


“Your talk served as an incredible affirmation of the work done by our emergency, hospitalist, anesthesia and primary care physician partners.”
“I want to thank your for your presentation to the CEP America Physician Partnership.  Your talk served as an incredible affirmation of the work done by our emergency, hospitalist, anesthesia and primary care physician partners.  I have only heard tremendous applause and gratitude for your presentation.  It was uplifting and rejuvenating, and helped move us closer to meeting our culture of caring goals.  I cannot recommend you highly enough to any audience whose work involves caring for others.”

Prentice A. Tom, MD FACEP
Chief Medical Officer
CEP America


“Your experience has helped to change the way I care for everyone and everything around me. Your tone of voice, sincerity and charisma ring fresh in my ears. I feel truly blessed to hear your message.”

Cody Blue
Dr.Howard Pack, DMD PC
The Maddow Brothers
TBSE 13′


You were wonderful at Million Dollar Round Table and came across with a powerful message which I found so apt.”

CEO at Finance Factory
North Goa, Goa, India


“Allison Massari is the ultimate keynote professional!” 
“She applies an enormous amount of care and effort to truly learn about her audience, so as to craft a uniquely tailored presentation—and she then delivers a keynote experience that is sure to nurture audience members’ minds, hearts and souls! The impact of her authentic presence is enduring.”

Steve Jurich
Vice President of Operations & COO
National Home Infusion Association


“I recently attended a conference where Allison Massari was a Keynote speaker. It was unbelievable to hear of the incredible personal trauma that she has had to deal with in her life. But the thing that touched my heart was the way she chose to deal with her adversity. She chose to surround it with love to the point that the adversity, although still very real, could not touch her soul and lead to bitterness. As a hospital CEO I deal with challenging circumstances every day. Sometimes I get bitter, I get short with people and I make myself and those around be miserable.  Allison proved to me that it doesn’t have to be this way. She showed me that all you have to do is show up with a grateful heart, look for the good in the situation, and, above all else, respond with love.”

Marty Fattig, CEO
Nemaha County Hospital
Past President Nebraska Hospital Association


“Exceptionally important and moving message…”
I want to thank you again for bringing your exceptionally important and moving message to the leadership of Carolina East Health System last month. Your passion for care was evident in every word, every gesture. The stories you shared about the importance of caring for the human being, not just illness or injury were engaging. Feedback I have received has been overwhelmingly positive. You obviously struck a chord with many and reminded us how important the little things can be to those who have trusted us to care for them during the most sensitive times. You are an amazing woman, Allison. I wish you all the best as you continue to share your compelling experience with the many people who will be fortunate to be on the receiving end of your story.”

G. Raymond Leggett II
CarolinaEast Health System

“The overwhelming positive feedback we received made our team feel elated to have selected you…”
“As our keynote speaker during the Avera PACE Conference this week, you were truly an inspiration to our members. The overwhelming positive feedback we received made our team feel elated to have selected you to deliver your motivational messages. Thank you so much for sharing your personal stories, for connecting with our diverse audience, and for being the delightful person that you are. Your presence touched many lives here and we shall always remember that it is possible to move forward with grace after overcoming adversity!”

Lili Shim
Avera PACE – Link to original letter

“I wish everyone could be fortunate enough to experience Allison’s story.  The perspective gained following her road from tragedy to triumph is invaluable.  You will be drawn to greater compassion, understanding and love.  Thank you Allison!”

Richard Uhlenbrock
Regional Sales Manager
Siemens Healthcare


“I have forever been changed…you will be too.”
“Allison Massari exudes confidence, clarity, and passion as a speaker. The spark in her eyes conveys a certain knowing of the world…a deep understanding of life’s purpose. It was such a gift and honor to witness Allison in person. Her unique perspective on the world of healthcare, combined with her ability to tailor a custom fit message, allowed a magical moment of reigniting passion for the patients and healers we serve as pharmaceutical sales representatives. It is impossible to not be deeply moved and motivated by Allison’s work. As a witness, I have forever been changed…you will be too. ”

Jessica Chapman
Global Pharmaceutical Company Ranked 119 on Fortune 500
Neuroscience Sales Representative
Santa Rosa, CA Primary Care


“The audiences were mesmerized by her story and her compelling presentation.”
“Working with Allison—was a joy. We kept her extraordinarily busy with three events in three days. Yet she was always poised, always cooperative, never complained—in a few words, a true professional. The audiences were mesmerized by her story and her compelling presentation.”

Paul C. Carder
Director, Marketing/Communications & Advancement
The Morean
St. Petersburg, FL

“In 25 years in Financial Services I’ve heard countless keynotes and I cannot recall a single one that moved me the way Allison’s did.”

Kevin Dyer
Vice President
Global Investment Firm Ranked 54 on the Fortune 500


“Allison’s energy could have illuminated Sydney. A powerful presentation which has left an imprint on my heart and soul.”
“Allison is incredibly engaging. Her amazing journey through life and inspiration shared is delivered with a calmness that leaves you sitting on the edge of your seat. Allison’s smile and energy could have illuminated Sydney. A powerful presentation which has left an imprint on my heart and soul.”

Tracey Dutton
Owner, Learn – Live – Grow
Queensland, Australia

“From the moment I first spoke to Allison about coming to speak with our group I knew that she would be good. I was wrong – she was GREAT!”
“It’s hard to state what makes Allison such a special presenter who has the ability to touch each of our lives with her story of courage and survival against all odds. She is one of those rare people who just has ‘it’ and the moment you speak with her, meet her, listen to her, you will know what I am talking about. She’s a gift to us and you won’t want to miss her. Allison’s presentation was the genuine article. She is passionate and compassionate. Real and emotional. It seems that she glimpsed into each of our souls and knew what we needed to hear. If you don’t walk away inspired and ready to take on the world, I’d be shocked!”

Steve Camilleri
Executive Director
Non-profit, CFH
South Bend, IN

“Words seem colorless, or voiceless, to try to express the impact you made on me. I wanted to thank you again for your gifts that you gave us at the “Good to Best” conference last weekend.  I was going to try to describe them with a few powerful adjectives, but my list got longer and longer without capturing what I meant, or what your message and energy meant to me. Words seem colorless, or voiceless, to try to express the impact you made on me. I have been thinking about [your 2nd keynote speech “Mastering Your Life”], and what I most appreciated is that I never felt like I was listening to a ‘motivational speaker’… it was like I was visiting with my dear friend over a cup of tea or a glass of wine, solving the world’s problems, and our own, as we shared precious time together….as though I was the one struggling that day, and you were the one sharing the wisdom and strength, although sometimes we change roles, because that’s what friends do….. In that sense, it felt more like personal sharing and not motivational advice or professional guidance, neither of which is necessarily a bad thing, but you were wearing the friend persona, not the ‘expert’ persona, and that made the difference…. The stories that accompanied each tip were hilarious and endearing and made me feel like I knew you: when you came up behind me at the airport and asked me a question, and I turned around and recognized you and exclaimed “Allison!”, I was waiting for you to respond, “Eileen!”, because of course, by now you felt like my dear friend! So, my dear friend Allison, thank you again for sharing your life and your light and your many gifts. I hope my gratitude in turn is a small gift to you.”

Eileen Fairbrother, RDN, CNSC, CHWC, CP-FS
Nutritional Services Manager
Sutter Coast Hospital
Crescent City, CA

“She’s a world-class speaker and a world-class human being!”
“Once in a great while someone comes along who is destined to be a star in the speaking profession. Allison Massari is that special someone. The first time I heard her speak she absolutely blew me away! Allison knows how to engage an audience from the moment she steps on stage right through the conclusion of her presentations. If you want your audience members to be truly inspired to overcome the challenges they are facing in their lives, then get in touch with Allison Massari. She’s a world-class speaker and a world-class human being!”

Dick Bruso
Branding Expert & Founder of Heard Above The Noise
2011-2012 Chair of the NSA Academy for Professional Speaking
Past President of NSA/Colorado

“It was evident that you had familiarized yourself with our culture and history, and you were able to reach our employees at a profound and enduring level.”
“You had a transformative effect on those who attended your “Mission Days” presentations for employees of SSM Health in St. Louis, MO
It was evident that you had familiarized yourself with our culture and history, and you were able to reach our employees at a profound and enduring level.  Most of all, you reminded us to really see the person before us, whether a patient or a co-worker. Your healing presence among us for four days inspired a renewed, collective commitment to our ministry of caring for the sick and promoting health in the communities we serve.  All of us at SSM Health are most, most grateful to you.”

Don Eggleston
System Vice President, Mission Integration
SSM Health

“You will walk away a better person.”
“Allison is a truly inspirational speaker.  Her story of tragedy…and ultimately…of triumph, is one that will resonate with me for years to come.  If you are lucky enough to hear her message of kindness, care, compassion, and courage you will walk away a better person.  Thank you Allison!”

Bill Pollard
SVP, Regional Lending Manager | PCBB
California Bankers Association’s 27th Annual Lenders Conference

“Your opening keynote had a major impact on our conference and conference delegates. “
“Attendees completed an evaluation, rating your presentation on a five-point scale on which five equates to “excellent.” The overall rating for your keynote address was 4.82 — outstanding! Along with your admirable score, your received numerous wonderful comments. Here is a sampling: “Wow! Best keynote I’ve ever heard.”, “Amazing!”, Excellent! So touching and what a great way to start our conference.” We take pride featuring great speakers at our education conferences, and I applaud you for making to the top of the chart!”

Janice Mashak
Vice President of member Services & Innovation
LeadingAge Wisconsin
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“Typically after attending a workshop or conference, not much retention will take place up in the frontal lobe area. But your talk has really stuck and has continued to uplift me each day.” 
“Your spirit and words have truly resonated in my mind and in my heart throughout so many moments these past couple months. There were encounters that I’d have with people–friends, strangers, co-workers, clients–where I thought, “Oh how I wish Allison was here to give them her talk so they’d understand how better to treat each other!”…and then there were encounters with various people where I then thought, “This is exactly what Allison was talking about and it’s what we need to keep doing”…and there are other times, like today, when I’ll remember your beautiful words that conveyed the significance a healthcare professional can be for a patient.”

Iris Gabriel
Walgreens, Talent Acquisition
Chicago, IL

“I highly recommend Allison as a keynote speaker.”
“Allison’s presentation hit home to every health care professional in the room, reinforcing for them the tremendous impact they have on their own patients. Additionally…her sincerity, kindness and positive attitude on life was uplifting and created a fantastic buzz among the attendees!”

Russell Bodoff
President & CEO
National Home Infusion Association

“She is invaluable.”
“We are thrilled to have sponsored her conference keynote. Before an appreciative NHIA audience, Allison’s connection with the CHAP brand proved to be invaluable. Allison’s energy and message is right on!“

Michael Grogan
Vice President of Business Development
Community Health Accreditation Program (CHAP)
Washington, DC

“In a word: powerful. At moments in her story, you could hear a pin drop as the goosebumps formed.”
“What struck me most about Allison’s talk at the General Assembly of YMCAs was the way people approached her afterwards. It was clear from their own testimonies that Allison’s story had impacted them in a very personal way. One man surprised himself when he became emotional, saying he ‘never cries’ yet felt moved to tears as he thanked her. Her interactive Q&A portion was especially insightful as participants anonymously revealed a shared pain, creating a unique and authentic feeling of connectedness across a very large ballroom. The life lessons that Allison brought to our conference will stay with us for years to come, both personally and professionally.”

YMCA of the USA
2016 International General Assembly Conference

“Absolutely spellbinding.”
“Allison Massari’s presentation, ‘Compassion as a Healing Tool,’ was absolutely spellbinding. Her story told so quietly, earnestly and with great dignity touched my heart and I am sure the heart of everyone present. She was speaking to a room full of Long Term Care professionals at the NC Healthcare Convention and she succeeded in bring home to us the fact that we touch so many people’s lives daily in ways that we really do not realize. Her story of grace, compassion and healing reinforced to me that we are all agents of healing in a broken world. Thank you for helping bring her to us.”

Glenn Potter
VP for Human Resources
Principle LTC, Inc.

“Bravo, bravo, bravo!!” 
“Our group was extremely fortunate to have Allison Massari as one of our keynote speakers for our (Vision) 2011 conference. Her message of hope, courage and love struck a chord with all our attendees and left us recommitted to the work we do in the healthcare field. All of us have seen someone in our lives rise above their personal circumstances and succeed thru their own internal strength and determination. Allison reminded us that we all have that same capability just waiting to be tapped. Bravo, bravo, bravo!!”

Jonathan Farina
Chief Information Officer, Brattleboro Memorial Hospital
President-elect, Vision User Group

“We were truly mesmerized by your journey… It was heartwarming to see the number of people each day who lined up to talk with you after your presentation.”

Elaine C. Thompson, PhD
President &  CEO
Lakeland Regional Health 

“Allison’s story touches all at a very human level.” 
“It also gives vivid examples to healthcare providers how their touch, presence and compassion can create a healing environment – and it only takes a few seconds to make this connection!”

Reezie DeVet
President &  CEO
McLaren Northern Michigan

“Words could not justify how you moved me.”
“Thank you so much for your talk on Sunday in Sydney. I was so touched and inspired. You are a remarkable individual. I have taken so many gifts from your speech and am trying to apply them to my life. I will be forever grateful. And as I was watching you and listening to you soaking in your words, I was also admiring your eloquence, your delivery and your ability to communicate.”

Melanie O’Halloran
Success and Freedom
Canberra, Australia

“FANTASTIC JOB….You dominated the performances.”

Mike Domitrz
Founder & Executive Director of The DATE SAFE Project Inc.
…..Providing Real Solutions to Tough Conversations for

“You are f**in’ AMAZING! You got the only standing ovation!”

Jessica Pettitt
Owner, “I am… Social Justice” and Diversity Consultant
Eureka, CA

“I am in awe…”
“When I began to listen to your story I was shocked and amazed. I was fascinated with your ability to talk about the kindness and compassion that was given to you during your darkest and incredibly painful moments (years).  I know that for me I would have focused on the bad and not the good. When I came up to talk to you all I saw was your light and your love – no scars, no evidence of the external wounds.  It was as if your pain and suffering had transformed you into a beautiful vessel of light. I don’t cry easily and rarely, if ever, in public. Yet I cried when I spoke to you and held your hands because I was touched by your love, kindness, compassion and your humility. I seem to always be so busy that I run everywhere in my facility. Now I don’t just touch someone’s arm and ask how they are as I walk away.  Instead I stop a moment and look into their eyes or pat their shoulders or hold their hand while I listen for just a moment and say a prayer of blessing for this one in front of me. I have told your story to many of my friends. I certainly can’t tell it as well as you but I do get the main point across. Everyone has the potential to be a healer if we just stop long enough to be present to another. I am very grateful our paths have crossed and…I am in awe that you have taken years of suffering and used it to help other young burn victims adjust and heal. You are indeed a gift.”

Janet Leubner, LNFA
Nursing Home Administrator
Kingsland Hills Care Center

“Allison is one of those rare and exceptional individuals who will guide you to take your personal and professional life to a truly blessed place…..a place you could only have imagined in your dreams! She amazingly crossed my path at the exact moment I was actively searching for answers and she has taught me how to take my unique strengths to a place I not longer believed I could reach. She has helped me build a toolkit of simple yet extraordinary approaches that I use daily to deal with challenges in my career and also at home. My life and my career will forever be impacted by working with Allison and my reality and future is filled with more success, possibility, and joy than I could ever have imagined. ”

Sarah H.
Senior Director of Sales, US Operations
Global Pharmaceutical Company Ranked 119 on Fortune 500


“She is an extraordinary communicator.”
“Allison´s talk was a transforming experience. She is an extraordinary communicator with an amazing story to tell: her words resonate with you for days and days. She is one of the most remembered speakers of our TEDx event, because of her immediate ability to connect with everybody´s hearts. Her passion, love and sense of humor are contagious!”

Teresa Oliver
TEDxZaragoza Organizer
Founder at Skok
Zaragoza, Spain


“It is it is not every day that you meet someone who can turn flames into flowers.”
“It does not matter what field you are in or where you are at in your personal life’s journey; Allison helps you to understand the real meaning of compassion.  It is it is not every day that you meet someone who can turn flames into flowers.”

Rene’ Bieganowski, BSN, BBA, RN-BC
Clinical Education Specialist
McLaren Northern Michigan

“Your story was as moving as a grand orchestra piece. The audience was compelled to stand in ovation and appreciation.”

Mary Alice Annecharico, RN, MS
Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer
Henry Ford Health System
At the 2014 CHIME and HIMSS CIO Forum

“Allison is by far the most impactful speaker I have ever heard, and I’ve been to many many conferences and heard many many speakers.”
“I believe she was the second speaker I have ever approached after hearing them speak, her words were that powerful. I hope you are able to get Allison in front of many audiences in the future because her message and her approach to delivering that message are inspiring.”

Brendan Leonard
Chief Financial Officer

“Thank you for a message that has changed my practice”
“I want to thank you for your presentation at the Texas Health Care Association Conference.  I have always considered myself to be a compassionate nurse, but your story helped me to realize that it isn’t just the nursing care, but also – perhaps even more so – the compassion of attitude, words, actions that promote healing of the body and soul. The story of your tragedy and how others participated in your recover is a story of miracle proportions. I wish all nursing students could hear your awesome story, for so often, we nurses have to learn the art of compassion on the job, through difficult circumstances for both our patients, co-workers and ourselves. Your message is an important one for all care givers.  Thank you for a message that has changed my practice.”

Susan D. LupPlace, RN, MSN, MEd
Director of Clinical Services
Preferred Care Partners Management Group

“Thank you for a phenomenal keynote session presentation of The Fire Within at RDH Under One Roof 2015!  The attendees were both touched and inspired by your story of overcoming such incredible adversity.  Allison you were a joy to work with and a consummate professional.”

Heather Hodges
Conference & Dental Group Manager
PennWell Corporation

“She reminded me of why I entered the healthcare field in the first place.”
“Allison Massari’s powerful message of compassionate medicine resonated with the NHIA audience—nurses, pharmacists, and business leaders alike were deeply moved and uplifted by her story. Throughout the remainder of our conference, literally dozens of attendees stopped me to share their feelings about Allison’s presentation, and the impact she had on them personally. I heard the same message over and over again—‘she reminded me of why I entered the healthcare field in the first place. Allison renewed our passion for our work, and sent us all back to our respective organizations with a determination to make a difference in the lives of our patients.”

Nancy Kramer RN, BSN, CRNI®
Vice President of Clinical Affairs
National Home Infusion Association

“The audience was left with a sense that the human spirit is stronger than ever imagined.”

Julie Tisdale
Vision Board of Directors
MS4 Liaison

“What a great job you did with your speech at the National Speakers Association Conference! I won’t forget your uplifting message.”

Patrick Galvin
Galvin Communications Inc.
Portland, OR

“That selfawareness you have helped to nurture within us today is a treasure..”
“Thank you so much, Allison, for sharing your moving story with us and for your deep appreciation of the support offered to you by health care providers as part of your healing process. Your amazing story is an inspiration to us all and serves to remind us of the significant and distinctive role our members can play in the lives of our patients! That self‐awareness you have helped to nurture within us today is a treasure we will utilize well, as we return back home from Orlando!”

Lynn Giglione, R.N., BSN
Board Past Chair
National Home Infusion Association

“They all gave her a warm and long-lingering standing ovation—and she deserved every moment of it!” 
“Allison Massari was an exceptionally genuine and impactful keynote for our annual conference! Stirred by her emotional presentation and inspired by her call for our members to harness their awareness that they are in the profound business of transforming lives for the better, our general session audience expressed their gratitude by giving Allison a warm and long-lingering standing ovation—and she deserved every moment of it!”

Steve Jurich
Vice President of Operations & COO
National Home Infusion Association

“Your dialogue with us was fantastic, timely, motivational and encouraging to hear you speak as the Closing Keynote speaker at the ARMA 2013 conference! 
“It was truly inspirational hearing the passion and compassion in your voice as you shared your life with each of us. Your work and contributions to the world are invaluable to all of us.”

Averi R. Roberts
Records & Information Management Consultant
Shook, Hardy & Bacon
San Francisco, CA

“Delicious! Allison, you are delicious!”

Author, Step Into The Spotlight! : A Guide to Getting Noticed

“Superb presentation… and a joy to work with!” 
“Thank you so much for the wonderful speech you gave to our attendees this past month on Transforming Patient Lives. In addition to our attendees leaving motivated and inspired, I myself was… deeply inspired… In addition to your superb presentation, I was so honored to work with you…You were professional, organized and a joy to work with! I would highly recommend you to any other meeting planners or executives looking for a motivational speaker!”

Kristin Ballance
Meetings Unlimited, LLC
Washington D.C. Metro Area

“She went above and beyond all of our expectations.”
“Allison is a remarkable woman and an amazing speaker. We were excited to have her as a keynote speaker for our annual luncheon, and she went above and beyond all of our expectations. The room was enthralled by her story, energized by her vision and positivity, and impressed by how honest and genuine she is. Allison is truly an inspiration, and her humility, grace and warmth light up the room when she speaks. She captured the attention of 800 community members and motivated them to change their lives and think differently. She is truly a gift, and our community was lucky to experience her!”

Amanda Miller
Events Coordinator
CFH, a non-profit
South Bend, IN


“Allison is amazing!”
“She lead our staff through many levels of emotion from horror and sadness to relief and joy. Her impact was profound! Our staff walked away with a new level of commitment and understanding of the impact they have on our patients’ lives."

Gregory P. Heintschel, DDS, MBA
President and Chief Executive Officer
My Community Dental Centers

“Thank you for a very enlightening and moving lecture. There was not a dry eye in the house!”

Dr. John Schloder, Director Emeritus
Museum of Fine Arts
St. Petersburg, Florida

I would recommend her for any type of audience.
“Allison Massari speaks from the heart and, by telling her story, she inspired us all to continue on after personal tragedy and loss. Our conference delegates found her to be very approachable, caring and empathetic. She is very passionate about spreading her very important message of survival and hope for the future.”

Wanda Kristensen
Director of Programs
MADD Canada

“Allison also reminds us to never never never give up!” 
“Allison is a true example of how you should live life. Everyone has something they are facing big or small and she reminds you that you need to be kind to yourself first to fight through anything. Allison also reminds us to never never never give up! Thank you Allison for reminding me the little things!”

Taya Groover
Chief Development Officer
Non-profit, CFH
South Bend, IN

“As Executive Director I give very few guarantees—I guarantee that you will love Allison Massari.”
“After I had hung up the phone with Allison I was still hanging onto the phone as if I wanted to hold on to her, because that is the way you feel about Allison when you brush up against her. I can tell you that she is just aglow. She is magnificent. As Executive Director I give very few guarantees—I guarantee that you will love Allison Massari.”

Katee Tully
Executive Director
The Morean
St. Petersburg, FL

“Thank you for making me look good and for making such a big difference in so many people’s life. ”
“Allison; you are a wonderful speaker and a great presenter. I have received many “thank you” notes, from our members, for inviting you to be our guest speaker. Everyone was very touched by your presentation. They want to know how soon you will be back! Thank you for make me look good and thank you for making such a big difference in so many people’s life. You are very inspirational.”

Hamid Saadat
Founder and Chairman of the Board
Cupertino, CA

“I had goose bumps the whole time she was talking and couldn’t help but laugh and cry.”
“Wow… Listening to Allison was an experience I will never forget, she touched my heart as soon as she walked into the room. I had goose bumps the whole time she was talking and couldn’t help but laugh and cry. Allison opened up my eyes and made me realize just how lucky and grateful I am to have the little things in life, her story goes on to show you just how strong the spirit can be and what we can endure.”

Joseph McCormack
Dreams Become Reality
Victoria, Australia

“…blew my mind…”
“I have just had the pleasure of hearing you speak at our Polaris Global Foundation Live conference and your concept of ‘what if I could be happy anyway?’ blew my mind as did your entire talk. Thank you so very very much. You have won a huge fan.”

Kirrilee Johnston
Queensland, Australia

“I have never been more touched by anyone’s speech as I was by yours.”
“I heard you speak at the Polaris Conference over the weekend, and although didn’t get a chance to thank you personally, I at least wanted to say huge THANK YOU somehow . You were incredibly beautiful, inspirational and so full of love. I have never been more touched by anyone’s speech as I was by yours. And your incredible heart and courage shone through even from the stage. Thank you again. I could not even express your inner beauty and what an impression you left on me. You must be one of those angels walking the earth.”

Gordana Lukac
Trust Your Dreams
Victoria, Australia

“I was mesmerized by her words and more so, by the way in which she shared them!”
“From the moment I read Allison’s biography I knew that she would reach me in a special way. Listening to her on stage I was mesmerized by her words and more so, by the way in which she shared them! Her compassion and love could be felt all around the room, which had spread like a strong magnetic current. Speaking to Allison off stage and having a photo together is an extraordinary moment I will never forget. She made me feel like I was the most important person in the whole world – truly magical! Thank you Allison for touching my heart!”

Michelle Hayden
Our Happy Life
Sydney, Australia

“You really were the “cream” of Sunday’s speakers and I can’t express how moved I was.”
“Hearing you at the weekend in Sydney was utterly amazing. Thank you. For me you really were the “cream” of Sunday’s speakers and I can’t express how moved I was.”

Anna Tucker
Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia

“Everyone in that room did not move an inch while listening to your story.”
“Out of all of the speakers on that day, you were the one that had such a profound impact. Everyone in that room did not move an inch while listening to your story. There are no words to describe the experience of receiving the gift of your words and your experience. We were in awe of you with what you shared with us. I still have goosebumps while writing this.”

Maria Sergiacomi
Living Life My Way
Adelaide, South Australia

“Allison I can’t begin to describe the profound effect your words have had on me…”
“Each day I hear snippets of your speech and each day reveals another hidden gem….I am so very grateful to have been blessed with receiving the amazing gift that you are. Thank you for coming to Sydney.”

Jo Austin
Executive Director and Owner
Living Life My Way
Adelaide, South Australia

“There was a light that came from you that captivated me, so honest, heartfelt and compassionate…empowering.”
“I am not often lost for words but I think you touched the hearts of every person in that room – there was a light that came from you that captivated me, so honest, heartfelt and compassionate…empowering. Allison, there is so much more that I could say, when I met you briefly on the way out I really didn’t know what to say to you and I don’t often feel that way… you really gob smacked me!!!!! In a good way.”

Karen Ralph
Synovate Aztec
Melbourne, Australia

“From the moment she walked onto the stage I felt an amazing peace & from comments received from other participants this effect was for many.”
“Her story of triumph through the deepest challenge assisted me to realize that no matter what we are faced with, we can in that moment be open to the gift it is offering us. Allison helped me to understand how small my challenges really were as I saw the gift it was asking me to accept.”

Carol Brydon
Our New Freedom
Tasmania, Australia

“…She took me on a journey and has changed me for the better.”
“I meet Allison in Sydney Australia and she gave such a powerful teaching and with compassion, inspiration and such a gentle soul. Allison has the ability to capture each and every person with her unique story, she took me on a journey and has changed me for the better. Thank you Allison.”

Karen Edl
Oz Big Inspiration
Queensland, Australia


“I was struck by your compassion and love, it seeps from you and deliciously wraps all those in your presence.”

Kym Kennedy
The Dream Biz
New South Wales, Australia


“Allison had such an aura of calm and gratitude around her…”
“I had the honor and privilege of being in a room of 300+ amazing people in Sydney on Sunday. It was there I heard Allison’s extraordinary story…Allison had such an aura of calm and gratitude around her that I couldn’t help but feel such peace from behind my tears. From such terrible circumstances she was able to say, “what if I could be happy anyway” and she does, and she shares with us all. Thank you Allison.”

Di Martin
Queensland, Australia


“Such an amazing inspiration to humankind. Life changing!” 
“Allison Massari is exploding with compassion and understanding.”

Carly Boyce
Marketing Executive
Dreams Become Reality
Victoria, Australia


“I heartily recommend that you invite Allison into your group and into your life.”
Allison Massari inspired the members of San Francisco Professional Career Network to dream big while acknowledging the many steps and detours on the way to career and personal success…Drastic circumstances forced Allison to take a serious look at her life and the community she shares. She reemerged into life with a positive message to share with anyone troubled by the stark dualities of life: perseverance and surrender, humiliation and forgiveness, misfortune and blessings…Her message goes to the core of personal belief and redemption, which sustain us in a crisis and everyday life. I heartily recommend that you invite Allison into your group and into your life.

George Hamilton Main
San Francisco, CA


“Allison gave an outstanding talk…”
“Allison gave an outstanding talk about her journey to recovery from two horrific automobile accidents. Her first hand experiences of finding a path to recovery, both physically and mentally are truly remarkable. Allison provides first hand insight of what it is like to find yourself in the valley of despair and having to muster the energy, determination and focus to climb back out to start over again. She shares her experience with passion and a deep understanding of the emotional transition that is required to confront and survive the many challenges that need to be conquered. Her talk provides an ideal platform… where the mantra of never giving up, however high the hurdles, applies. Her simple and succinct message; “With sufficient heart and a positive attitude, you will always prevail.”

Klaus Weisenberger Ph.D.
San Francisco, CA


“You are a legend at Adaptive Sports Center and you definitely lived up to your wonderful reputation!”

Ann Papenfuss
Adaptive Sports Center
Crested Butte, CO


“You were absolutely PHENOMENAL Saturday. I LOVE seeing you, listening to your strength, hope and love.”

Valerie Sizemore
“Stop Revolving, Start Evolving” Seminar
Santa Rosa, CA


“I am still under the aura and influence of your inspirational talk on Wednesday. In my opinion your presentation was one of the very best that our Rotary Club has had to date which goes back to 1977 when we got started!”

George J. Landau
Charter Member of the Tiburon-Belvedere California Rotary Club


Allison Massari’s independent evaluations scores consistently rate “Excellent” in all categories:

  • Knowledge of Subject
  • Presentation Style
  • Organization
  • Content Relevant to Objectives
  • Comparison to Other Speakers

Sample Comments from Independent Evaluations:

  • “Allison Massari was fantastic! Thank you for having her speak to us!”
  • “Every medical person should hear Allison’s story.”
  • “OMG! This was spell-binding. Allison was excellent and has made me think about how I interact with people in general! You should make her presentation available for members not in attendance. It brings home what we do!”
  • “The “snoopdogs” that found Allison did a super job.”
  • “Allison Massari was wonderful and touched my heart. The ripple effect theory is really true.”
  • Allison was inspirational, moving and enlightening for everyone that ever comes into contact with patients to inspire and remind us all why we have chosen the profession we are in and not lose sight of all she has verbalized.”
  • “Allison’s story was very moving and touched on so many levels. Her injury/suffering brought to mind many patients that I cared for in the past. Reminded me of why I became a nurse and also made me feel appreciated.”
  • “Allison’s tale was amazing – very moving and helped us to realize that even though we communicate over the phone most times we still can make a difference.”
  • “Excellent choice for a speaker. Helps us to remember why we became clinical professionals.”
  • “Allison’s presentation was emotionally charged and reminds me of the importance of the simplest act of kindness having a long lasting effect on patient recovery.”
  • “Thank you for bringing Allison to this conference!”
  • “Allison humbled me and reminded me to continue to give to patients even if I don’t feel appreciated at times.”
  • “Allison is wonderful to describe a story that would change all of us, including to get us through healthcare.”
  • “Excellent speaker! Very touching.”
  • “Moving and effective. Every health care professional (and all other workers) should attend a program like this one.”
  • “What a wonderful speaker with a very powerful message.”
  • “Allison Massari made you think about what we do and how we affect patient lives as clinicians.”
  • “Allison Massari was fantastic. Truly motivational! Thank you!”
  • “Allison was amazing! Great choice!”
  • “Thank you! Extremely moving.”
  • “Allison Massari was an excellent presenter.”
  • “Allison was incredible!!”
  • “Allison Massari is wonderful!”
  • “Allison’s story was such an inspiration!”
  • “Allison’s story was very moving and touched on so many levels. Her injury/suffering brought to mind many patients that I cared for in the past. Reminded me of why I became a nurse and also made me feel appreciated.”
  • “Amazing story from Allison. She is very brave, and I love how she is paying it forward.”
  • “Fabulous!”
  • “Great!”
  • “Inspiration!”

Michigan Nursing Summit – Rated “Excellent” in independent evaluations. (4.98 out of 5). Comments below:

  • Allison gave Nursing a positive spark in what we do.  Glad I got to hear and meet U- Love Who You Are- “Your presence is unique in the World”
  • I so needed this- I needed to connect like I used to- I was getting “Burned out”- Thank you SO much.  Thank you for sharing your experience- I am also so, very sorry you suffered so much!  You are amazing.  I thank God for you.  You turned something horrific into a valuable Beyond measure – tool to share with all of us!!
  • Absolutely dynamic speaker! So glad I came!
  • What a story & hers!  Thank you Allison for reminding us that our skills expand beyond our text books.  The element of “human” factors are gifts we need to use with every patient interaction.
  • She was the med I needed!  Thanks for getting her here!
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