Burn Survivor, Top 10 Healthcare Speaker and Executive Coach

Named one of the Top 10 Best Speakers for "Motivation"

– M&C Magazine


Allison Massari's Mission: To Alleviate Human Suffering


Content covered in Allison Massari’s healthcare keynotes (These can be for CEUs and CME):

  • Navigate Constant Change

  • Reclaim Your Passion for a Life’s Work in Healthcare

  • Protect Caregiver Resiliency

  • Alleviate Burnout in Healthcare Professionals

  • Soothe Moral Injury and Stress in Front Line Workers by Expressing Deep Gratitude for All They Do

  • Ignite Confidence and Hope

  • Encourage, Nourish, and Celebrate Your Healthcare Professionals

  • Leave a Legacy of Kindness

  • Self-Leadership: Having Personal Command in All Moments

  • Transform Patient Lives—The Art of Person-Centered Care℠

  • Highlight the Patient Experience to Impact Patient Satisfaction

  • Honor Compassionate, Authentic Patient Engagement – Kindness Affects the Bottom Line

  • Receive Actionable Tools for Personal Development

  • Deepen Self-Awareness

  • Enhance Emotional Intelligence

  • Activate Simple Concepts that Strengthen Resilience

  • Achieve Peak Success Through Tough Times

  • Master Adversity

  • Inspire Patient Safety Through a Critically Acclaimed Survivor Story

  • Optional Content: Raise Patient Satisfaction Scores

Keynote Length: Up to 60 minutes

Speaking recently at the Emergency Nurse’s Association Conference

Speaking recently at the Emergency Nurse’s Association Conference

“Compassion heals the places that medicine cannot touch.”
— Allison Massari

Healthcare Keynote Preview | 7 minutes

Tenderhearted and Fierce—The Power of Resilience | 5 minutes

The Power of the Human Spirit | 5 minutes

Balm for the Wounds of Unkindness | 1.5 minutes

Every Act of Kindness Counts | 3.5 minutes

To Be Happy, We Must Be Very Brave | 2 minutes

Testimonials | 6 minutes

To Change a Life—One Person, One Moment: Story of the Fire | 5 min

Harnessing Peace and Happiness | 5 minutes

A Secret to Well-Being and Happiness | 2.5 minutes

Genuine Caring Only Takes Seconds | 1.5 minutes

The Presence of Mind to Care | 2 minutes

Welcome to My Work in Healthcare | 2 minutes

Please Press Play for an Excerpt or Toggle to the Beginning if You Would Like to View the Full Healthcare Keynote | 60 minutes

This keynote was customized for Change Healthcare. Allison customizes for each audience.

“It is important that all people in healthcare – including those without direct patient contact – feel valued and recognized for their role in compassionate care. My focus is to support and nourish healthcare professionals, to revive their passion for their mission in healthcare, to alleviate stress, moral injury, and burnout, and to be an advocate for patients and providers. I speak on the patient experience, supporting caregiver resilience while highlighting the profound impact of kindness in patient care, and kindness for each other. My life has been immersed in medicine. I’m a burn survivor, sustained a traumatic brain injury, and I was raised by an oncology surgeon and nurse, so I deeply understand both perspectives of patient and provider. I speak to a broad range of groups including physicians, nurses, leadership teams, technologists, IT professionals, and more.”
— Allison Massari

Excellent for Events for Giving Back and Appreciating Healthcare Professionals

  • Awards Events

  • Leadership Retreats

  • Front Lines and All-Staff Events

  • Patient Experience & Patient Safety Conferences

  • Physician Retreats

  • Nursing Conference

  • Events for Healthcare IT Professionals to Feel Valued as a Vital Part of Patient Care

  • For All Staff Who Do Not Have Direct Patient Contact to Feel Included and Celebrated for How they Impact Patient Care

  • and So Much More...

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“In a word, astounding!”

“One of the most memorable and impactful keynotes in CIO Forum history.”

Keith Fraidenburg
Vice President Education & Communications



This document has program descriptions for Allison’s Healthcare Keynotes and CE programs as well as deliverables for the audience, biography, benefits etc.

“I have found myself wondering, since your presentation, when presented with significant obstacles, “What would Allison do?”, and instead of giving up and giving in, I formulate a plan and initiate the plan. You have made a profound impact on my sense of well-being and ability to remain a “glass half full” kind of person.”

“I am writing to let you know the inspiration I felt after your presentation at my Diagnostics Days in Pittsburgh, sponsored by Siemens Healthcare, on Tuesday, April 8, 2014. Having trained and worked at a hospital with a burn unit as a medical technologist in the laboratory, I could never have imagined that a story of such strength, passion, and resilience could come from such a horrific incident such as the one you experienced. As health care professionals, there are many times that our work can feel repetitive and at times, it is difficult for us to realize the difference we can make in the life of a patient by a simple gesture of kindness. You truly helped the audience understand the difference such a small act of kindness can bring to the peace of mind of our patients. I have received numerous comments from the over 100 customers in the audience with similar responses as well. Thanks so much for making our customer event an overwhelming success.”

Mary P. Conrad, MT (ASCP)
Regional Sales Manager
Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics

“Compassion isn’t about feeling sorry for someone. Compassion is honoring someone — honoring what they are going through.”
— Allison Massari