Allison customizes her inspirational message for each audience and industry. Preview Allison's full healthcare keynote above.

This speech was customized for healthcare executives and shortened to honor the allotted time slot. | 50 minutes

Patient Centered Care

"Compassionate care is not just about being kind. Being an expert at your job is compassionate care. Being fully present with your tasks and triple checking your work is compassionate care. Being skilled at putting an IV in is compassionate care. Being up to date on the most effective delivery of treatments that minimize pain and discomfort is compassionate care."

– Allison Massari

Allison's Keynote is customized for every healthcare audience.

Massari’s program illustrates the fact that every healthcare professional has a crucial impact on patient-centered care – including those who do not have direct patient contact. By specifically recognizing the ways that their work is directly tied to a human being, Allison generates a deeper connection to the patient experience for each participant. They learn that their expertise, attentiveness, and kindness improves the health and success of patients, boosts their own sense of well being, and directly affects the bottom line of their business through patient satisfaction scores and reimbursements.  


According to research from the Journal of Healthcare Management and Current Directions in Psychological Science (Wiley-Blackwell), programs like Allison’s are directly linked to higher performance, fewer sick days, more engaged employees, more patient referrals, less turnover, and higher company profits

  • Leadership

  • Managers

  • Supervisors

  • Nurses

  • Physicians

  • Finance

  • IT

  • Food Service

  • Maintenance

  • Environmental Services

  • Technologists

  • Diagnosticians

  • Pharmacists

  • Physical Therapists

  • Board Members

  • Pharmaceutical Sales, etc.

“What is it we all want? We want to live with passion, focus and clarity. We want success, genuine well-being… inner peace. We want to be powerful in our lives, equipped with the capacity to handle the unexpected, and with the tools to successfully navigate difficult people and challenging circumstances. But it’s more than that – we want to feel like we’ve come alive, that we’re living our mission, walking in the world, vital… I specialize in helping people transform their personal and professional lives. You will experience profound results – and a lot of heart. I’m all yours.”
— Allison Massari


Meet Allison: From from the Documentary Film "Resolve" | 4 minutes

Allison Massari’s unique history offers an unprecedented perspective on the demands and challenges of the medical profession. Raised by her father, a head and neck oncology surgeon, and her mother, a nurse, Allison was mentored in the world of medicine from an early age. Captivated by her father’s compassionate work, she shadowed him in his practice, and later worked in hospitals and medical office settings.

Then, in 1998, Massari experienced firsthand the essential value of receiving personalized healthcare from devoted, empathetic providers when she survived a near fatal car crash. Hit at 60 mph, she was trapped inside her burning car, conscious the entire time, and suffered second and third degree burns on over 50% of her body. Three years later, a second devastating collision caused her to sustain a closed-head traumatic brain injury. After collectively spending hundreds of days in hospitals, doctors offices, and physical therapy centers, Allison learned to navigate her way to true healing, happiness, and incredible success


Remarkably, Allison views her experiences as a gift, one that gave her tools and understanding to share with others. “The truth is that the same internal fire and ‘command of self’ that I needed to heal my life is exactly what has given me success professionally.” Allison shares her journey of determination, courage, and the rigorous pursuit of hope with warmth, humor, passion, and authenticity. Her rare history strengthens her ability to illuminate the essential and delicate nature of patient-centered care, and discuss sensitive subjects without alienating audience members.

In her stunning keynote, Allison shows how to triumph despite tragedies, how to thrive in turbulent times, and how compassionate, patient-centered care can build an expansive, life-changing foundation for healing – for both patient and provider. Allison is a leading educator in healthcare – helping to repair and soothe moral injury, fatigue, stress and burnout, and offering support for compassion fatigue. Her preeminent program on patient-centered care is available for Continuing Medical Education (CME) and Continuing Education Units (CEU). In addition, she addresses employees and industries who do not have direct patient contact, highlighting their invaluable impact on the patient.

Allison’s vision and clarity, her honest and encouraging communication, and her gift in actuating the steps towards her clients’ success, make her an invaluable asset to any organization. She adapts her message to address the individual issues affecting each market and has worked with diverse industries including Finance, Insurance, Sales, IT, and Non-profits.

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