Siemens Healthcare Keynote Speaker, Allison Massari

 This year I was hired by Siemens Healthcare to deliver my keynote in eight states to technologists. This was a huge honor and an exceptional experience. I met the most wonderful people. I love speaking at customer events like this!

Take a look at a clip from my programs here:

Healthcare Reform and Patient Centered Care - Customized for Technologists| 6 minutes

"Compassionate care is not just about being kind. Being an expert at your job is compassionate care. Being fully present with your tasks and triple checking your work is compassionate care. Being skilled at putting an IV in is compassionate care. Being up to date on the most effective delivery of treatments that minimize pain and discomfort is compassionate care."

—Allison Massari

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"I seldom am impressed by professional speakers enough to attend their sessions 8 times in 3 months. However that is exactly what I did with Allison." “Her words were simple yet penetrating as if I had never heard her before. She makes you realize how powerful and long lasting a simple kind word, a warm smile, or a caring gesture can be. I have seen her bring her audience to a wholehearted laughter and even tears and that is not an easy feat for any speaker. I never got tired of listening to her.”

Farogh Nazari Senior Manager of Global Continuing Education Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics