Finding Your “Yes”

We all grow up with ideas about what life is "supposed" to look like. So much so, that when we struggle, or when things don’t happen as planned, or when the unexpected or imperfect happens and life is not up to par with our ideas, we feel that we have perhaps somehow failed…

Being human is not easy. There is always a challenge. There will always be something: relationship conflicts, that difficult person in the family, feeling betrayed by someone at work, fear around finances, pressures on the job and so on.

Life has immense beauty and extraordinary magic. And also....Life IS difficult.

It is RARE when everything goes perfectly. It is rare when we feel perfectly confident, perfectly beautiful, perfectly brilliant, perfectly rested - with the perfect savings account, the perfect abs, the perfect sugar intake... Of course, we always want to improve and we feel good when we are working towards our goals, but my point is - Life is imperfect!

What if every challenge or agitation is helping us to learn higher levels of compassion, forgiveness, patience, kindness, love and wisdom? What if we could truly celebrate that life is a school - for learning?

Human beings are amazing because we are so incredibly resilient. We can learn to forgive even when we have been betrayed, we can be kind even when we feel rejected, we can become stronger even after we feel we have lost everything. We learn to problem solve in dire circumstances, navigate difficult people, and master our anger and jealousy. Miraculously (and most importantly, and thankfully,) we can all find a way to love ourselves in spite of our imperfections.

As soon as we stop having resistance with this reality, and can see life as a dynamic and glorious process of growth, and embrace the incredible power of our human adventure - our whole world looks different. Everything becomes a touch easier with that simple shift of perspective. Peace comes by leaning in to our own journey and honoring each another as we travel together through life.


Finding Your "Yes"

"When change enters your life, be vigilant in every breathing moment to seek and find the good that is going to come from it. Search with ferocity. Have an unbending belief. The day will come when your heart smiles and rests. If nothing else, your pain will sculpt your spirit and: bring you to the ultimate destination - your self-mastery." -Allison Massari


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