A New Kind of Patient-Centered Care

A magical visit to the doctor: I have a really wonderful relationship with one of my doctors. He's helped me for several years with my burn scars. Today we did an experiment on one of the scars on my right leg. We knew it would be painful but worth trying for sure. Well, he did something different today. When he walked in he looked at me with a big sweet smile and started gently dancing while singing a Stevie Wonder song, "My Cherie Amour". And his voice was so kind and gentle and it became hypnotic. And we both started giggling and I was humming with him and smiling and he started the laser treatment and I was completely distracted by the joy of it all and the calm that came over me. And then his song turned into something more jazz-like - a mix between Chet Baker and Louis Armstrong - and he made up a sweet song about me, singing my name - and there I was completely blissed out - and the pain was suddenly nothing at all. He never missed a beat and kept smiling the whole time so generously. And then it was over and I said, "Wow! That was really amazing." And he said with a big smile and a twinkle in his eyes, "I think I discovered something today." And I said, "Oh yes, indeed you have.” - This completely made my whole day. I have a feeling that the future of his business will be now adding a lot of this dancing and singing for his patients. That was truly patient-centered care. And pure kindness... And just pure fun... Isn't it amazing how the simplest things can sometimes create such pure joy.

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