Techniques You Can Employ When Dealing With Difficult Clients or Coworkers

Often I am asked about how to successfully handle difficult people. Every situation is so unique and may require a radically different approach. As a default, it is always good to start by assuming that you may be wrong about everything you think you know about the person and the situation. This brings a fresh, new perspective - an open mind - and is a powerful place to create true resolution. Feeling truly humble always helps us create the best possible outcome. We cannot control how a person responds, but we can do everything possible to help the person feel we are on their side, that we truly want understanding, that we are fair, that we want the best for everyone involved.

In my opinion, there is an epidemic of isolation. Rather than feeling a part of a team or community, we often feel separate. My goal is to bring a true message of hope, to catalyze our connection to our humanity. I care about people. I want them to feel supported, to be transported to a new way of thinking, to feel powerful in their lives.

When in doubt put yourself in the other person’s shoes, and keep your mind on the peaceful outcome you desire.

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