The Ultimate of What Love Looks Like in Healthcare

Wow. This image says it all. In China, several doctors bow to an 11-year-old young boy diagnosed with terminal brain cancer who managed to save the lives of several others by donating his organs shortly after he passed away. This is the ultimate of what love can look like in healthcare. There are countless people in healthcare who daily and tirelessly give with devotion, compassion and kindness. May we honor them all. And may we honor this beloved mother and child.


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Healthcare Keynote Speaker at HIMSS 2014 for the CHIME and HIMSS CIO Forum in Orlando, FL

It was an incredible honor to speak for CHIME and HIMSS at the CIO Forum this past week. They were an outstanding group! And to see my artwork up on the PowerPoint screens like this was very exciting. Thank you to everyone for the fantastic feedback on Twitter!